We are planning a family budget

latest model is not for all couples.In any case, openly discuss with each other financial matters, because the family - is a team whose success depends on all of its members.Question proper allocation of resources is especially acute after birth.Prior to this event, many young couples do not think about the economy, often share income can afford to mindless spending after accounting for indulge in the required.Discuss this with his second half, keeping the joint budget is beneficial both from an economic point of view and in order to strengthen family relations.

When you start to live together, you may have some questions.How to save on holiday abroad?What expenses are necessary and which - of secondary importance?How to afford to spend money at your pleasure while staying afloat?Let's try to sort out these and other financial aspects of family life.

Start planning the family budget with an analysis of your current financial situation.To do this, please create a notepad file in your computer or a spec

ial program where you write down all your income (wages, bonuses, payment for part time) and all costs, even the smallest.Let it will have a habit, it is important to at least a couple of months closely track of where the money goes.Group the costs of several major groups: the rent (including utilities and internet), travel, food (products for home and snacks at work), clothes, loan repayments, children's pocket money and so on.About a month later, read the list and check things without which you can not really do without.Analyze how much money was spent on what might well have been not to buy.As a rule, this so-called "emotional spending": nice key chain, photo frame, shoes on sale, as well as a variety of snacks during the working day - coffee in a cafe, chips, chocolates and the like.Calculate how much money is spent on all these little things, and imagine how much you could save in a year if it had not made reckless spending.It is possible that it would be enough for a holiday at sea.Impressive, is not it?

Now, when you deal with their own waste, you can start planning the budget.Write down in a column all the necessary expenses.Do not forget to include a certain amount that can be spent solely for his own pleasure (about five per cent of total revenue).About ten percent of all income, try to postpone to a bank account, it will be your family stabilization fund, and from there you take the money if they are needed, such as for emergency treatment of any of the family members.The remaining amount is set aside as waste and, as appropriate, for clothing and recreation.If you have to buy big, for example, a refrigerator or other household appliances, do not rush to take the credit.You may well do without this thing for, say, six months, for which quietly accumulate the necessary amount.In this case, you, first, will not have to pay, and secondly, you can always withdraw from the purchase contingency.In the same way, you can save on the long-awaited vacation.Set a goal, decide how much money will be able to postpone monthly, how long you will need to implement his plan.For example, you can save sixty thousand ten months, each time putting off from the salary of six thousand rubles.

Remember that the planning of the family budget and total savings - are two different things.Man needed fun, including those that money can buy.Do not deny yourself or your loved ones by dreams or a pleasant leisure time, especially if you can quite afford it.Make sure that the account in addition to the family's monthly income has always been a certain amount of stable (say fifty thousand rubles).Its presence will protect you from climbing into debt, because you can always get money from there, instead of asking for help from relatives and friends.The main thing - do not forget to return a "duty", because after a while you may again need such kind of financial help.

Encourage children to save.You do not hide from them the needs and concerns of the family, patiently explains why you can not buy this or that thing right now.Get a piggy bank, where you will lay the coins together to fulfill the dream (for example, the purchase of a bicycle).Such expectations will only increase the joy of owning a treasured thing and clearly show the child that money does not fall from the sky.Be sure to highlight adolescents means spending money, it will teach them to appreciate what they have.For example, you determine the amount - two hundred rubles a week.Give them Monday, and the next seven days did not give anything.Before a child the choice is: spend it all at once, to please yourself small shopping every day or even postpone this money for a major purchase?That is how he gradually learn to handle money.

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