How to Choose Lamps for children

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initially think about the location of a child's room.The most successful side - the east and southeast, because every morning the baby's room will be covered by the sun's rays.

light in the nursery should be scattered, without abrupt changes from light to shadow, so do not purchase from the direct rays of the chandelier down.Prefer lighting equipment with frosted shades, they do not create glare and light up the room a soft non-intrusive light. Openwork glass and crystal to leave the living room.

The children's room is strictly forbidden so beloved by adults gloom, as it is fraught with problems with vision.

We select light age

Kids Room is designed for games, activities, rest and sleep.Its functions vary with age of children.

For children up to one year needed subdued light, available in different shades.To do this for a small lamp in the form of toys, which is mounted on the side crib or changing table.

Older children need 2 types of lamps, in addition to the main light: tabl

e lamp and night light beside the bed.Let them be in the form of his favorite characters from cartoons.Perfectly suited transforming lamps with flexible legs and adjustable height, t. To. Preschoolers often do not sit in one place, so you can easily direct the light where there is a child.

For teenagers need to maximize coverage across the room, as they spend a lot of time on the computer and lessons.How perfectly fit the lamp in the style of hi-tec, built into the ceiling.Nightlight is also necessary for your child to read before bedtime , while at your desk should be a desk lamp with several modes.

Light from the lamp should fall on the left and front, t. E. The luminaire must be placed in the left front corner of the table.The lamp has to be a shade to protect the eyes from direct light.

When making a child's room and a selection of light, the most important factor is safety.Improper lighting can not only spoil the vision, but also to break the psyche of your child.Be careful, and let your child's life will be all right light.

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