Window Decoration

Several ways to improve the view from the window

  • blinds, if the windows overlooking the sunny side.
  • Roman blinds with beautiful scenery.
  • similar option - Desktop window.
  • shelves of thick glass.The vessels made of transparent and colored glass and plants in unusual planters complement the picture.
  • on a wide windowsill can accommodate an aquarium or a bird cage.These brothers of our smaller and you can contemplate the infinite pleasure.
  • curtain of beads and beads, crystals and magic of crystal.It is beautiful, but when you open the box carillon fill the space.
  • Stained Glass.The sun's rays are refracted in them, create a truly magical atmosphere.
  • and can not come to the window and look at him - slide him the sofa!

New technologies

Blinds anew: a wide workpieces knocked silhouettes (night city, landscape) in the form of small holes through which then enters the light.The method invented and brought to life the designer from Helsinki Elina Alto.

mischievous art project called Windood

les, came up American artist and designer Garrett Miller.All you need - this marks one or more colors of water-based paint for glass.And then it all depends on your imagination.Doris funny animal, peering from behind a wall, or at home, so that you grieve.Or Carlson, who now certainly lived on the roof!

virtual window into the world Winscape.The window becomes a screen, and with a certain technology landscape moves when you move around the room.Type remove for you.But this is an expensive pleasure.

A good beginning would be to choose a picture outside the window, and then enter the apartment.Or build your own house, where the view outside the window will depend only on us.Does not work?Then let's prosper what we already have and enjoy life!

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