How to choose a sofa

sofa or bed?

furniture market today offers options for a sofa bed for every taste and budget.You can buy custom-made furniture, choose the fabric and color of the upholstery itself, but you can buy a ready-made product online or in a furniture store.But that's not the colors, and the comfort and versatility of the sofa that will make your life easier and more comfortable.

Day sofa serves as a place for recreation, sitting where you can drink tea or watching television, and at night turns into a sofa bed for a healthy sleep one or two people, depending on the width of the bed.This sofa folded takes up much less space than the bed, and some are equipped with more storage capacity and bed linen.Agree, it is convenient?

But the choice of the most suitable model for your folding sofa - a complicated matter, because in addition to the price spread, and there are different mechanisms.Try to understand.

breakout couch

evroknizhka - the most popular and reliable way of transformation of the sofa.

One movement of the hand over the seat and expanded book turns into a half or double.Evroknizhka always equipped with a box for linen.

Click-klyak - simple mechanism sofa, characterized by the disclosure of a loud click - hence the name of the model.This type of transformation is not the most reliable, but it is extremely fast and convenient for those who are not ready to spend a lot of time preparing the bed.

Accordion - a little heavy on the model of the sofa, which is the disclosure of a large bed with headboard.All you have to do is lift the seat until it clicks and pull over - sleeper leaves itself.In the unfolded form of a sofa takes a lot of space that should be considered in the placement of furniture.

withdrawable couch - a mechanism designed for frequent transformation, very reliable, but not the easiest.Pull the strap in front of the sofa, you're pushing it to the full unfolding.The obvious advantage of such a model in the compact folded and a wide berth.

clamshell - model of the sofa bed which is made of durable bouncy tent on the metal supports.Divided into two types: American clamshell "sedafleks" and French clamshell "Miksotual."

sedafleks considered more robust mechanism than the French version of the clamshell.To open the model "Miksotual", you must first remove all the unnecessary parts of the sofa - cushions and armrests, which takes a little longer.

Dolphin - opening mechanism, which is used in a corner sofa.It consists of two parts: one is the seat, and from the second longer side, pulling the strap, you can easily push the bed.


choosing a sofa should consider the following recommendations:

1. Buy a sofa in specialized stores manufacturer.This will help avoid marriage and forgery.

2. If you decide to make a purchase online, then look at the pre-selected model of the sofa in the store.

3. folding sofa mechanisms must be tested for durability.Check all fasteners, latches and pull the mechanism itself.

4. sofa frame should be made of wood.If plywood box for clothes made of particleboard, the entire frame is made of the same material.

5. After selecting the most appropriate model of the sofa, inspect it for low-quality rough seams, distortions and other minor flaws, spoiling the visual effect.

6. Get sofa with spring, that orthopedists recommend.If you decide to buy a sofa with foam, then pay attention to the quality, because it is important that the product is environmentally friendly.

7. Before you decide to buy the couch, sit on it, putting forward part in any case should not go out from under you.

8. Feet of quality couch should be made of plastic or wood - this material is safe for most floor coverings.

9. Examine the sofa cushions, or rather make sure that the covers have to be removed for washing.Some manufacturers make zippers on cushions only for appearances, such cases can not be removed.

10. Before buying necessarily make measurements of the dimensions of the apartment, calculate where it should be a sofa and how much space you will need for it in expanded form.

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