Organizing a small space

Many people live in small homes, apartments, little room to put it simply - in small rooms.Someone living in small apartments because that's all he can afford.And someone just bored or do not like the large spacious rooms, halls.Some people do not want to spend time cleaning the big house or hire a maid for that.

And someone and did not need a big house.Small - so beautiful!

Through various techniques of simple things and you are in the two accounts will be able to transform your small corner of the wonderful "home a masterpiece."

However, if you really need to visually expand the space small room, you can slightly change the interior so that the room looked more.And it does not have to move or destroy the wall!Playing with color, the right choice of furniture and interesting lighting - and the house will be much more pleasant and comfortable to live.

Here are some short tips for organization of domestic space and its transformation.

Eliminate clutter

Nothing makes a small space is even less

so, it makes a mess and "garbage."Firstly, of course, put in the room.Secondly, all things that can be arranged in one stack in one place or else should be well organized.Valya "on the road" clothes should be hung on a hanger or in the closet.In general, look where something can be removed and put in a suitable place to the space in the room was larger.

Open passages

furniture and a massive variety of things can block the passage in the room or spoil the "look and feel" of the room.On entering the room should get rid of any furniture, try to find her a place somewhere else.Thus, it will be much more spacious.

Use light, bright colors

Dark, warm colors create a cozy and intimate atmosphere in the room.At the same time bright, cool colors make the space more freely and visually extend it.To achieve optimal effect choose wallpaper among the bright shades of blue and green colors.

Use monochrome color scheme

You need to use the colors that are in roughly the same range of colors as the colors, which are painted your walls or furniture.Cold and warm colors on most different surfaces will give your room a more open look.

Experiment with the location of furniture, light, and you will get excellent results!

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