Cosmetic repairs on their hands

At cosmetic repair the hardest part - is to replace the wallpaper.Of course, if your walls pokleit special wallpaper for painting, the update process will be facilitated to a minimum.You just need to apply a new coat of paint appropriate - and the room did not know.But before you buy paint that you like, you check it on the test area of ​​the wall.

way, you can avoid and re perekleivanie ordinary wallpaper.Significantly liven up the atmosphere in the room is possible by applying to the new old wallpaper pattern using the application, paints or wallpapers .

If you do decide to replace the wallpaper, you must be freed from the old wallpaper once and for all.

If you want to give your room fresh, the tone of the new wallpaper can be repainted and doors.This part of the interior is especially effectively looks after the color change.

Another important point, which should be paid at the time repair - window.They can dramatically change the look of your interior for the better, if they pick up a decent fr

ame.Of course, the change of color, particularly in the case of plastic, and the speech can not be.But some accents can be arranged in a new way.For example, instead of curtains to hang blinds of light straw.

If your ceiling does not require thorough decoration, it is possible to manage the replacement of lamps or lamp on the old version.For not very high ceiling lamp with good light upward.

Wave decoration can reach and furniture that suddenly, after pasting new wallpaper, will begin to cut the eye.Old cupboard or bed can, if necessary, to paint you like acrylics;podnadoevshy set a new fabric to upholster or just make "fun" covers.

Before you put the last point in a light decoration, do not forget decorate the room with fresh flowers , because the best accessories to create a comfort to be found.Sometimes it is enough to set the mood just to place some emphasis - and you can enjoy the peace and comfort of home.

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