Kitchen blue

huge number of accessories cobalt color - a great choice for any kitchen.Consider a few simple ideas for kitchen color cobalt to convert the most popular place in the house into a luxury landmark, which creates a vivid impression.

1. The neutral color for the walls

When choosing colors for the walls of the kitchen should focus on shades of "Sun" or creamy beige instead of light blue.Neutral colors help to highlight the accessories, giving the kitchen a more joyful atmosphere.The ceiling should be white or the same color as the wall to the kitchen visually seem larger.

two or three shades of "Sun" with splashes of cobalt blue tiles.Visit the hardware store to look for new ideas.There you will find everything from iridescent glass to natural ceramic tiles.Any neutral color well with cobalt, moreover, the number of combinations and styles virtually limitless.

2. Experiment with cobalt

cobalt blue glass looks good in the design of the kitchen .Dishes can be glass or metal inserts, with or withou

t lids, but they all have one thing in common: their bright color is extraordinarily beautiful.Even if the form is uncomplicated dishes, color makes them a great addition to the interior.

3. Focus on blue vase

Look translucent glass vases of different sizes.A small vase can be placed on the table, on a shelf or on a windowsill, where she will "catch" light.Large vase will look great when filled with live or artificial flowers, they provide comfort at any time of the year.You can fill a vase with artificial glass and put it artificial or real stems .

4. Add the blue in the picture

Use blue in the pictures on the walls of the kitchen.Whether it is work in classical or modern style, it brings color to the place where they are not enough.

Cobalt - a great choice for those who want to move into the kitchen color blue sky.

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