Six ways to emphasize the style of your apartment

1. plan and make out the room

When planning the design of the room take into account such factors as the habits and lifestyle of the family, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the room.

Getting decorated rooms, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what should be the style, fabric, floor covering, lighting and accessories.The task of design is to produce a scheme that meets your needs and budget, playing with the dignity of the room.One of the most important principles - it is practical.

Just as a professional designer customer queries, you should ask yourself some questions that will help you analyze your expectations.Based on this, you will understand how to best use the space of the room, lighting and stylish details.This information will tell you how to make a color combination of soft furnishings and accessories and match fabrics and paint according to the scheme of the future shape of the room.Such careful preparation is worth it, because you can plan, design of the room, which will

be designed especially for you.

time spent planning will be fully justified when you see the end result, where the space and the overall look of the room will meet your needs.

2. What you need to know?

Before you decide the question of the style of the room, list all of the most important points that need to be taken into account.Answer all the questions in turn, ask the same questions of their loved ones;Make detailed notes on everything.When you decide to design, calculate future expenses.This will allow you to avoid costly mistakes, and the best way to use the space.

project reconstruction room will be built entirely on the basis of your wishes all the important moments, be it style, color or pattern.

3. Appointment

How will the room be used, by whom and at what time of day?

you will advance much further in the search for practical solutions in the regeneration of the room, if you take into account its functionality.Bedrooms can also serve as a games room for small children or the Cabinet.

guest bedroom should be warm and cozy, but it can be filled with bright strong colors and unexpected ideas, for no one will remain there too long.Each concrete case should be considered separately.

Where living space is highly valued, the bedroom should be planned so that the possibility remains for the variations.The need to keep things provided by the presence of shelves and cabinets, which serves as a desk and dressing table.

If you use the dining room to meet friends, arrange it in blue saturated colors that enhance the feeling of the importance of the event.

large window in the bathroom drape long transparent fabric, it will not prevent the penetration of light, but it will protect you from prying eyes.Outside install blinds and close them at night.

Place the bed so that she was discovered by the first rays of the sun, and you would welcome the arrival of a new day.For those who like to soak up the bed, require shutters.

4. Lighting

where the windows - to the north or south?Lighting affects the impression the room.Through a window facing north gets cold, clear light, but if it goes to the south, the sun is present in the room throughout the day, while the eastern rooms receive light in the morning.It's unpleasant, if the view from the window rests on close standing building, preventing natural light.But you can divert attention away from this negative moment.

Decide whether you want to enhance the natural light let in as much light, or you prefer the scattered light for a softer atmosphere.The combination of light and texture allow you to play with light.When you register bedrooms have blackout curtains or blinds.

correct type of lighting you choose?There are many methods available lighting to create the appropriate atmosphere for practical purposes.Check out how to look at the color combinations of daylight and artificial light.

5. The size and shape

What's your room: big or small, long or narrow, with a high ceiling or low?

color and architectural patterns can hide imperfections.The small size of the room is not an obstacle to the use of strong colors and large patterns, but it should be done cautiously.You can optically change the proportions of the room using wallpaper strips: vertical stripes lift the ceiling, and horizontal - are pushing the wall.

Does your interesting architectural details of the room?Tudor beams and lead windows were favorite parts decoration of country houses of the 1930s.They can lead you to a choice of heraldic wallpaper or saturated colors in the style of the movement "Arts and Crafts" style fireplace Adam can motivate you on the development of neo-classical theme.You can gloss over these elements and focus on modern furniture and fabrics.

If your room has any distinguishing features, like many large stained-glass windows, it is best to beat the atmosphere around them.Stained Glass tells the color scheme of soft furnishings, while draping windows and furniture placement will strengthen its central position in the room.

Consider the "ugly duckling syndrome": potentially embarrassing details can be changed so that they become the main decoration room.Window unusual shape, which is a part of the large windows, can be thoughtfully incorporated into the bedroom.Curtain asymmetrically fixed on the window, a decorative element, while the functional load got curtains.

6. Fixed items

What items should remain in the room?When

thought over the future shape of the room, very rarely have to start from scratch.Usually, there are things that will stay in your interior with a sofa, rug or a painting.

floorings tend to wear out in the last turn, so it has to reckon with.Such things should help to define a new style or color solution space.There are many ways to "cosmetic" changes that can be made with the help of wallpaper, paint and fabrics - upgrade Divan Case, papered cabinet or to add one or two mats.

Starting point: ornate patterned carpet ensemble organizes the color theme of the room prior to placement.Too beautiful to lie pas floor carpet rightly takes pride of place on the wall.Old sofa is included in the general scheme of the device due to the bedspread and cushions.

Choice faded tones gives the room a certain charm, and the high placement of the cornice and striped curtains conceal the imbalance between the two optically lifted windows and ceiling.

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