Simplifies the process of washing

Step 1: Special basket

Place laundry baskets in each part of your house or apartment.

Step 2: Sorting the laundry for washing

for easy sorting of laundry put three big baskets: one store lingerie light color, the other - the dark, and in the third - towels.This will greatly facilitate the process of washing.

Step 3: Schedule laundry

Once you have sorted out all the clothes, can now focus directly on the wash.Select a permanent time to wash large quantities of laundry and try to make sure that it was precisely the "permanent" rather than "random".

Step 4: Stay organized

even clean underwear at home can create a sense of confusion, if it is constantly scattered everywhere.To resolve this problem, install the shelf in the bathroom or use colored baskets for storage of clothes for each family member.

Step 5: Involve all

for large families can try to bring to the household laundry.Small children can help to wear clothes for washing, and older children can enjoy washing their own cloth

es.Teach children how to use detergents and in what quantities they need to be added;read the instructions on the labels of clothes and always check the contents of his pockets - all this is necessary to pay attention to children at an early age.

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