How to get rid of the smell in the house

Step 1: Cleaning

Always maintain cleanliness in their home.Do not leave dishes in the sink and use scented detergents.This ensures that your home will always look clean.Leave the windows open as much as possible throughout the day, to the room ventilated.

Step 2: Fresh

carpet before vacuuming, sprinkle the carpet dry deodorant or spray bottle of flavor.Once you're done cleaning, all the rooms will be present smell of freshness.

Step 3: Replacing the filter

If you regularly use the air conditioning is constantly changing air conditioner filters.New filters are spreading the smell of fresh laundry around the house.

Step 4: Cleaning the animals

any animals in the house should always wash their dishes and the cells must be cleaned regularly.It always helps to maintain cleanliness in the house.

Step 5: Use candles

Scented candles you can buy quite inexpensive in many grocery stores or supermarkets.They can fill the whole house a beautiful fragrance.Place these candles all over the apa

rtment or house.

Step 6: Electric air fresheners

Some companies offer devices that are connected to the mains and at regular intervals splashes some amount of air freshener.This can be very useful in areas such as the bathroom and living room.

Step 7: A delicious cake

We have all entered the house, which is baked fresh bread or cake in the oven for preparing, and we always met wonderful wonderful smell.If you invite guests for dinner, calculate the time, so that when they occur in the kitchen preparing something fragrant.

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