How to teach children to wash?

Step 1: Start by sorting

If your children are still very small, they can begin to help to sort laundry.Teach them to separate whites and colors, towels from clothing, dark colors from light and so on.Tell us about the importance of checking the pockets (so they do not remain things), the need to read the warnings on the labels and remember that things printed canvas before washing should be turned.

Step 2: Buy a high-quality equipment

Old worn drum may damage the clothes drum overflow at startup may result in damage or poor washing.Before you entrust your children to engage in washing, ensure availability of modern high-quality equipment from a reliable manufacturer.The machine must be provided a minimum of 1.6 kg load of laundry, Super rinse and drying.

Step 3: Allow the children to observe the process

Small children can sit in a chair and watch as you load the washing machine, set the washing, drying clothes on the pass.By the age of 8-10 years, children are quite capable of self-load wa

shing machine and start the process

Step 4: Show the children the whole process step by step

Start with a simple explanation of devices washing machine, show, how, where and when to add detergentand how much powder it is necessary to wash.Explain when to use hot and cold water, how to load the machine evenly.Explain what each of the buttons and knobs of the machine.Tell them about the different cycles of drying and show which way to turn the handle.

Step 5: Keep your laundry in order

Keep clothes properly - in the bathroom or bedroom.Make sure that the washing place always kept clean and properly arranged the necessary equipment and tools.Show your child how to choose the right pair of socks, how to hang or fold clothes.

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