Knitted "clothes" for dishes

Knitted accessories for dishes can be sweet highlight of the winter interior of your kitchen.They can be linked or crocheted, made from old knitted garments or choose a ready designer "clothes."

Warm light

What could be more soothing and comfortable than the candle flame flickering in your kitchen on a cold winter night?A warm clothes candles will be even more lovely.As a basis, take the transparent glass candlesticks.They can be tied by hand - tight volume mated with "pigtails", made with needles, heat, and will look harmonious and delicate crochet pattern creates an intricate play of light and shadow.Those who do not know how to knit, can carve out blankets for the candlesticks of finished knitted fabric.

In winter, you can dress up not only candles but also ordinary lamps, creating a crocheted lampshades for them.

wintering houseplants

Knitted flower pots - is not only beautiful, but also practical, because some of the plants with the onset of winter is becoming uncomfortable in the cold w

indowsill.In addition to the knitting will look original pots, wrapped in thick woolen yarn.Create a decor can be simply and quickly.

cozy tea party

most popular knitted idea for the kitchen - is, of course, retain the warmth clothes for teapots.Ideas can be many - from covers to toy-warmers.And for a stylish tea to create a set of "hot" dishes, in addition to tying teapot and sugar bowl.Knitted tea set - it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very practical.Cases will help keep the heat and allow to drink plenty of warm their hands on the cup, because now she does not seem too hot.


Knitted accessories find their place on the holiday table.For winter partying with friends, prepare tissue in the form of miniature warm blankets embroidered with the names of guests.Glasses and cups wrapped in warm clothes, knit decorated with decorative elements - flowers, hearts or figures and animals.

For a romantic dinner suit delicate accessories, made a hook.They can be decorated glassware - glasses, glasses, vases, candle holders.Festive dishes can "link" in the truest sense of the word: a well-starched lace saucers and vases can be filled with candy, fruit or nuts.

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