Serving New Year's table in 2013

Year of the Black Water snake assumes a celebration in the narrow circle of those closest to you, without fuss and noise, so think about the menu and decoration New Year's table is necessary now to the last hours of the year not to stand at the stove.

Christmas menu 2013

By tradition, the menu for the New Year up on the basis of taste preferences of its symbol.The snake - a predator, she loves meat, poultry, fish and eggs, including quail, so New Year's menu should abound dishes from these products.The main dish, oddly enough, to become rabbit: stewed in cream sauce, or baked with cheese, for example.The perfect solution would be a baked apple stuffed turkey or duck.Welcomes the existence of a variety of salads, where among other ingredients eat meat and eggs.Lay them on a small settee, a table will be made to let the dishes, because Snake is considered highly sophisticated animal that loves delicacies, but eat small portions.


" & gt; Paying tribute to the water

element, to which refers the black snake, is to file on the table and seafood: lobster, squid, caviar and fishfor every taste.Drinks at the 2013 New Year's table should be traditional: Champagne, a few wines or brandy.

Serving New Year's table in 2013

Snake like all bright and shiny, so the presence of the original candle on the table will be very helpful.They decorate the general appearance of the table and create a fairytale holiday atmosphere.It would be nice to buy a candle light with a pleasant aroma.Color tablecloths neprintsipialen, although black, dark blue, green or celadon will be a priority.Classical white tablecloth - a win-win option, but keep in mind that all dishes should be sustained in the same style and napkins should be combined with it in color.

revive the New Year's table can vase with fir branches, pine cones and splashes of color.On the table have to be a figure of Snake - like the mistress of the coming year.Making themselves food also plays an important role.Decorate sandwiches and main dishes of various herbs and salads and appetizers lay out in the form of a snake.

Creative imagination while serving a festive table, use a variety of decorative elements, for example, aquatic theme: seashells, small vases with water and colored stones.Let your New Year's table is not only delicious, but also beautiful!

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