Clean the kitchen

Step 1: Make the most of your space

To avoid cluttering the countertops, make sure that all items placed on them, you need them.

Step 2: Make shelves

Do not throw your keys, wallet and cell phone on the table when you come home after a long day.Hang a shelf on one wall, and keep those things there.

Step 3: Use stickers

Write notes on the refrigerator - a great way to remind you of things.

Step 4: Clean after eating

Do not let the dishes pile up in the sink - all right put in the dishwasher or wash by hand, then put them in a special rack for drying or rubbing with a towel.

Step 5: Hide the unnecessary things

While accessories such as racks for dishes, designed to become part of the cooking environment, try to limit the number of accessories and small appliances (such as coffee makers, electric can openers, juicers, and so on. Etc..), who just stand on your desk and shelves.Keep these things in the kitchen cabinets, and pull them out only when they are needed.

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