How to save on the fact of what you can not refuse?

In some cases, financial situation has become so precarious that we have to deny yourself and household members, even necessary.This can occur due to unforeseen circumstances: dismissal, theft, need to pay a large sum for the treatment.In such difficult situations, it is important not to lose self-control and remember that complicated life situations make us stronger, and the black stripe should always be white.It is possible that they have had such an experience, you realize that things that used to seem necessary to you, those are not at all, and the money saved can be found much more pleasant and useful application.

Rents Rents consists of many components: utilities (water, heat, electricity), maintenance, maintenance of premises and so forth.Low-income citizens, the state provides subsidies for housing and communal services, in other words, offsets some of those costs.However, this does not occur automatically, the right to financial assistance is necessary to prove to the regional department o

f housing subsidies.There you will be able to refine the list of necessary documents.In different regions and different maximum income at which a person eligible for compensation.As a rule, the grant is awarded if the costs of the family to pay for utility services account for over 20% of total revenue

Installation of meters of cold and hot water can reduce the cost of these items almost doubled.Pleasure is not free, but their installation pays on average per year.Not everyone knows that without counter they pay to use about four liters of water a day, regardless of whether or not the valve was opened.

you can save on electricity.In addition to the simple way - as far as possible eliminate the use of electrical appliances, there are more sparing methods.For example, the installation of energy-saving lamps, which are more expensive than usual, but are much longer.By installing two-tariff counter, you can leave the energy-intensive business, such as a large laundry, on the evening and night, then it will come out much cheaper.


Save on food - does not mean to deny themselves the essentials.Just try to set priorities, and do not spend money on something without which you can really do.As a rule, these changes are not only to the economy of the budget, but also improve the health and well-being of all family members.First, give up soda, chewing gum, breakfast cereals and snacks harmful (burgers, chips, chocolate bars and other things).All this can be replaced with apples, dried fruit, homemade croutons and ordinary clean water.

Ensure that the household had breakfast, lunch and dinner at home normal food: porridge, soup, vegetables, pasta and so on, then the need to capture something on the run will disappear by itself.

go to the store only on a full stomach and a list of what to buy.Compiling a list just imagine that you are going to cook this.Use a variety of food grains, peas, pasta from durum wheat, cheap seasonal vegetables and fruits.Meat is better to buy in the market, where it is cheaper and fresher.

If you can not feed a family often meat products, lean on beans and do not forget about healthy and nutritious vegetable oils, such as olive or flaxseed.


audits of all available clothes in the house, while you certainly caught things still quite wearable, but forgotten for one reason or another.The difficult financial position, try to postpone larger purchases for later, but if you still have to buy, such as winter boots, try to take a good thing that will last more than one season.


your health, as you know, can not save, but you can reduce the cost of doctors and medicines.If you need to get an appointment with any specialist, boldly go to the clinic in the community, even before this road used to be a customer of the clinic.We often forget that almost the same thing can get for free.If the doctor needs to pay for a particular service, such as ultrasound, call the insurance company and complain.You owe all at no extra charge.

to save on medications, ask the pharmacy or look online analog of expensive drug, but be sure to ask your doctor the possibility of replacing.


To save on travel, you need to decide which way you will be most advantageous to get to work or school.If you always use the same kind of public transport, buy a ticket.

If you are used to travel by car, figure out how much money you spend on gasoline and maintenance, and decide for yourself whether you are able to bear such costs.Also, try to walk more, look for new routes.If the place of your work at least half an hour walk, you do not give yourself a recreational outing is simply a crime.

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