The interior in the Moroccan style

features Moroccan-style

Moroccan style in the interior

Culture Morocco is based on a mixture of several neighboring cultures of the country.The strongest impact on the Moroccan style had African and Arab culture, but felt also been brought in by the Portuguese and Spanish colonizers European influence.The Moroccan interior lot of stone, tiles, mosaics, textiles, wood and metal forged elements.


Moroccan style in the interior

Moroccan style determined by a combination of several bright, saturated colors, and a few more soft.Purple, dark turquoise, cobalt blue, deep purple and white color combines with gold, ocher and different shades of green.


Moroccan style in the interior

walls are tiled or mosaic, or simply covered with a special Moroccan plaster, allowing to create a smooth surface resembling marble.The ceiling can be covered with carved wood paneling, moldings, or decorated with ornaments.For the flooring is most often used stone or tile, but in the Russian climate, you can use a laminate imitating tiles.

Moroccan style in the interior

Moroccan interior lot textile - draperies, curtains, assorted bright pillows.On the floor carpet can not do without.

Moroccan style involves the use of metal forged elements, grilles, coasters, lamps, candlesticks and so on. D.

lines and shapes

Moroccan style in the interior

Moroccanyou will notice an abundance of interior lancet dome and forms and elements.This form attached to openings of windows and doors, niches in the wall, mirrors, arched elements are present in furniture.

Sophisticated designs cover the walls, floors and ceilings, repeating in tissues and carpets.

Stylized Moroccan style

Moroccan style in the interior

not so difficult to give the room a Moroccan flavor.White or golden-orange walls, turquoise and decorated with carved wood ceiling, the mosaic elements in the decoration of the walls, mirrors and floor.Soft carpets on the floor, a pile of colored silk or brocade pillows on a low couch .Wrought iron lamps, a few soft leather ottoman and narghile at a special low table.If the bed or sofa to build a canopy - impression eastern tales only worsen.The final touch will be a faint smell of incense from an ancient oriental copper incense.

That's all.

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