In the style of Provence

in Provence because of the climate house built entirely of stone, to be able to enjoy the coolness even in the hottest day.The white walls and tiled floors also contribute to the natural cooling.

Provence - one of the rustic style, it is also called "French country".It has its own distinctive features, including white-washed walls, an abundance of floral patterns, as well as dried and fresh flowers;bright, as if sun-bleached, interior details.

Provence - a refined simplicity in the interior, which is not so easy to implement as it may seem at first glance.The most ordinary objects take on a special charm if you present them correctly.

this style is best suited for creating comfort in a country house.However, many people prefer to use elements of the Provence in the finishing city apartments, to be able to plunge into the atmosphere of comfort and cleanliness after a hard day's work.For example, you can create a little paradise - a bedroom in the style of Provence, where there is no place for external

bustle and endless change of impressions, so characteristic of the modern world.A kitchen with a similar interior inspire culinary feats even the employment of women.


Provencal, like any rustic, characteristic slowness.The interior creates a leisurely, fine details complement it as the acquisition or manufacture their own hands.Decoration materials must be durable and long-lasting: the wooden or tiled floors, stone walls and the like.Every thing in the house has its place, the mess is not allowed.

pastel shades create the effect of sun-bleached surfaces.Typically, use the following colors: white, beige, lemon, terracotta, blue, pale green and lavender.

Walls are usually covered with plaster, and rough brush strokes applied to it, sometimes peeps through her bricklaying.Also common finish wood paneling, painted white.The kitchen walls are stone.

floor covered with natural planks or tiles with cut corners.

ceilings are usually made with white available on these beams can be painted in a contrasting color.

doors are usually white, with the effect of antiques and floral designs.

joinery bright, with bindings into several sections.

need wooden furniture, wicker or wrought iron.Wooden furniture can be painted in bright colors and decorate with flowers.For the style of Provence are characterized by the following types of furniture: dressers with plenty of drawers, kitchen cupboards, benches, cabinets with mezzanines, tables and cabinets.Sofa usually upholstered in small flower: and the more cute cushions on it, the better.

general for Provencal style characterized by a large amount of tissue in the interior: it's curtains and bedspreads, tablecloths and a variety of tissues.The material used simple coarse fabrics: linen, cotton, chintz.The most common pattern - small flowers, at least - a cell or strip.

large role in the creation of olive interior accessories are forged.As a rule, lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps and vases, candle holders, planters and so on.

various pleasant things fill the void and make the whole situation.These are small pictures on the walls, painted clocks, small shelves with souvenirs, rooster figurine (symbol of France).And be sure - bouquets of dried or fresh flowers.


  • Rough plaster and brickwork on the walls.
  • pastel shades combined with bright accent colors (yellow, blue, green, violet).
  • -painted ceramic tiles and multicolored mosaic.
  • Tiled floor.
  • wooden furniture with artificially aged surfaces.
  • large dining table and wicker chairs.
  • pottery, wicker baskets, spices and bundles of herbs.
  • curtains with floral patterns.


  • pastel shades without striking parts (light blue, light yellow or milky palette).
  • High windows with not very dense elegant curtains (usually with floral patterns).
  • large bed, a wooden or metal with patterned back.Above the bed - a light curtain.
  • furniture and accessories from aged wood (use of techniques and craquelure decoupage).
  • floor of natural wood light shades.
  • Linen with embroidered ornament.
  • bouquet of dried flowers on the table.
  • Complete the picture wicker baskets, paintings with rustic motifs on the walls, hand-embroidered pillows, pots of flowers, and the like.


for patio characteristic details such as stone wall, overgrown with wild grape, wooden gate, clay pots with lavender and heather, fir trees, a large table with a light cloth, wrought iron chairs and hanging lamp.

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