Control space

Rational use of space

Even in a large room is crowded, if it is crowded with furniture and littered with things.Try to make boxes for storage located away from places of rest - in rooms where you and other family members are not so often, and do not stay long.Ideally suited for this role corridor.The main thing that there was a hanger and a small bench on which to put on shoes.The remaining space can take a ride around in wardrobes with mirrored doors side.In bathroom place closed shelves on which to store all the cosmetics and household chemicals.Shelves of books can be placed in the hallway or in the room, placing them so that they were not, no one on the way.Arrange them on either side of the window and cover with curtains.

increases the space by means of color

When repairing and decorating small spaces, such as studios , should take into account that the different colors and their combinations have different effects on its appearance.To visually enlarge the room, follow a few simple tips


  • Same color of the walls and the homogeneous flooring in adjacent rooms combines space.
  • basic tone in the apartment should be light, while the individual parts - bright.For example, beige walls, light brown sofa in combination with orange lamps and blankets.
  • Two identical in terms of size of the room may look quite differently depending on the height of ceilings.They can increase the visually using color.To do this, use Stucco shades lighter than the wall.

Control space


The darker the room, the more closely it seems.Make sure that the light in your apartment was bright, but not blinding.Be sure to use multiple sources of light - it creates a comfort.If the ceiling is smallish, it does not further burden the its massive chandelier, more suitable for light in the form of plates.Avoid floor lamps, occupying too much space, replacing them with small wall lamps in different places.

Get rid of unnecessary stuff

This concerns not only clothes, old magazines and other things, but too much decoration on the walls and shelves.Minimum pictures on the walls, no colorful carpets and unused dishes in the cabinets.Spend an ambitious revision, ruthlessly getting rid of things that took place, its rightful to you and your family.Everything has to be very simple and functional.Periodically dispose of outdated furniture, replacing it with something more practical.For example, an old cupboard takes up space on the floor, with fitted into itself only coffee service, which nobody uses, and three-liter jars for stocks.Send all of its contents to the country, and the sideboard give it to the needy.

small tweaks to increase the space

you certainly pay attention that even a small, but a rational rearrangement adds freshness and spaciousness to the interior .Experiment with furniture and decorations:

  • mirror reflects all that is in the room, visually increasing the space.Place a closet with mirrored panels in the wall, which is located opposite the window and you will get twice as much light and space, and the space where it will be kept absolutely all the clothes.
  • Instead of the usual sliding doors set or use the space for storage doors.For example, the position where the narrow shelves on which will stand wheels and souvenirs.
  • Take frequent permutation: it allows you to soberly assess things in the apartment, and to understand what are long overdue for a well deserved rest.For the sake of the experiment, swap the bedroom and living room.
  • Replace conventional curtains on the blinds, or just give up on them, if the window you have a beautiful view.
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