Mural: use them properly in the interior

Mural - a colorful image for home and office, which allow to plunge into the magical world where you can enjoy unusual waterfalls and high cliffs, the beauty of the coasts, admire the exotic plants and wonderful animals.Is not it great: original issue room paintings with images of landscapes photographed by you on vacation, or take your images?The plot can be varied: cartoonish or fantasy, to show all kinds of musical performers or metropolis in full growth - all that is possible.

Mural: how to use them correctly in the interior

Mural enable designers to change the space.Previously this technique was used only in the interiors of restaurants, boutique shops, community centers.Today wallpapers have been increasingly used in residential premises.

Mural interior first appeared in the '70s thanks to the direction of pop art, advertising and technical progress.It was at that time called the artists to break the boundary between the space, materials and techniques.

current level of production photowall immeasurably changed since their invention, i

s much better.Liked image can be applied not only on the wall:

  • photo panel will look great on ceramic tiles, in this embodiment, the image size can be anything;
  • in your bathroom can live dolphins or stretch of Niagara Falls;
  • high-quality photo printing can be applied in the design of the kitchen;
  • facades furniture sets can also be the basis for applying the bright prints, the painting can be applied to glass , plastic or chipboard.

Mural: how to use them correctly in the interior

One of the advantages of modern photowall - practicality.They are easy to clean and are not afraid of dirt.With photo wallpapers can make any room cozy and bright, visually expand the boundaries to avoid tedious, expensive work on the alignment of the walls.On a very popular today textured surface can also be applied to the image - on a sandy, linen or canvas surface, imitating decorative plaster.

When choosing a scene should take into account the general background and texture:

  • flax will give an image softness;
  • skin - brutality;
  • papyrus - aged ,;
  • plaster hide irregularities;
  • sand will add volume and realism.

Select plot wallpaper for interior

Mural: how to use them correctly in the interior
  • Note whether the style of interior design theme wallpaper.
  • panoramic pictures and images to visually expand the space of the room .
  • ideal for children's picture with a lot of small details - all contribute to the development of the child's imagination.
  • lovers of high speeds and extreme sports prefer to use in its interior images of cars and motorcycles.For such images, a special texture photowall - "Road", which creates the illusion of movement, certain dynamics.

Choose size

Mural: how to use them correctly in the interior
  • If the room is a large number of furniture - you need panoramic images, long, but not great height;
  • If your room is a minimal amount of furniture - you can use the widescreen wallpaper;
  • If Mural occupy only part of the wall - they must contrast, look like a painting or a mural.Or go well with the background.

Today Mural - perfect for creating a new interior design ideas.With the right choice, you can drastically change the space of the room.

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