Table setting for dinner

When everyday table setting, note the following:

1. Tablecloth - lay or not lay?Dispense napkins?A matter of taste.Tablecloth - linen, cotton, plastic - monochrome or color, preferably muted tones that nothing distracts from the food.

2. Spices and bread - traditionally put in the center of the table.Here you can post and paper napkins.Or to put them next to a fork.If the linen napkins, you can put them on the plate, ornately folded.

3. Plates and plates. two flat plates enough - large and smaller, which are placed one on the other - if you have an appetizer and a main course.You can serve food in the plate.Adding soup - it is added to a deep dish, which put on two flat.

4. Devices - knives, forks, spoons.Classics - it's knives and spoons on the right, fork left.Closer to the plate put those tools that will be needed first.If it is a minimum, the right knife and fork on the left plate (knife blade to the plate).

5. glasses, wine glasses, cups and saucers. to water (juice) glass put ove

r the plate, close to the middle of the table so as not to brush it off careless movement.There you can add and glass of wine, if it is supposed to.Cups and saucers - ideally better clean the dishes after a meal, and cover with a tea table with cake or pie in the center, in a vase with candy and other goodies.

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