Comfort in the house: a beautiful mirror with your hands

Master Class "Delicate lace┬╗

Comfort in the house: a beautiful mirror with your hands
If you have a small round mirror, then it is possible to make a very original piece of furniture.
to decorate round mirror , you will need:
  • round layered napkins with delicate lace edges;
  • double-sided adhesive tape;
  • white paint in spray.
  1. Remove dirt from the mirror and grease with a soft cloth and a spray glass cleaner.
  2. on the wrong side swipe stick adhesive tape.It is better to do it in several places, to wipe not break during the application.
  3. Fix the tissue in the center of the mirror.
  4. Cover is not sealed part of the mirror with a thin layer of paint.Repeat if the surface of the mirror to paint unevenly.
  5. Leave a mirror to dry paint.
  6. Carefully remove the cloth from the mirror and wipe it with a soft cloth.Stylish ladies mirror ready!
A version of this suit for those who holiday on the sea brought a lot of beautiful shells.We propose to create a mirror in a nautical theme.This is suitable for decorating mirrors both round and square shapes.

Master Class "Oceanside┬╗
For this you'll need a mirror:
  • different shells (large, small, starfish, all kinds of stones, including pebbles, etc.);
  • pearls or beads like pearls;
  • superglue;
  • adhesive paper;
  • sharp scissors and tweezers.
  1. Clean all mirrors and shells from grease and dirt.
  2. Cut with scissors frame for a mirror of the adhesive paper.Stick it on the mirror.
  3. Now you can start gluing seashells.Glue should be applied directly on the shells and pebbles.
  4. On the inner contour of the frame glue small seashells.Choose shells of the same size and shape.
  5. then decorate the mirror largest shells and starfish.Try to make it look to the frame symmetrically.
  6. Now glue shells and pebbles of medium size.
  7. fill the void with small shells and beads.To work with them, use the tweezers, which you will keep the beads to apply glue on them.
  8. After drying glue, clean the mirror of its residues.At the request of top decor can be varnished.
A version of this decor can be considered the most of all the proposed budget.However, it is also no less original.Best of all, this design will look on a round mirror.

Master Class "Chrysanthemum┬╗
To create a mirror, you will need:
  • disposable spoon (about 6 packs of 48 tablespoons of each);
  • MDF 30 * 46 cm;
  • primer;
  • paper;
  • superglue;
  • scissors.
  1. scissors cut from the spoon handle.
  2. of thick cardboard or MDF cut two circles.One must be equal to the desired diameter of the mirror, and the second is approximately 1.5 times greater.
  3. with glue stick handle of spoons between the two circles.
  4. Coat place bonding primer and glue on top of heavy paper.
  5. obkleyte spoons outer edge of the circle, leaving between them a distance equal to about half a spoon.
  6. next series of glue so that the second row spoon spoons arranged between the first row is staggered.Obkleyte so the whole frame.
  7. Apply primer and paint spoon in your desired color.
  8. After the paint is completely dry, glue the mirror to the frame using superglue or liquid nails.This mirror is perfect in written to the Moroccan Interior .
That's simply out of the ordinary mirror can create a work of art.You can implement your ideas and make your original mirror.
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