Memorable gifts on March 8 with their own hands

own hands: a gift my mother on March 8

Mom - most near and dear people, so a gift on March 8 mom should be a symbol.Remember those gifts with their hands on March 8, which we did for their mothers when they were young.They were touching in their naivete, we have not sought to impress, amaze or to oblige this gift - they were gifts from the heart. not always tidy, but always made with all the love they touched to tears of our beloved mothers.

We are growing, but our mother will always see us as their little children, and they are just as many years ago, will be very pleased to receive a gift on March 8 that we do for them with their own hands.

Gifts for Mom on March 8: do not skimp on emotions

In memory of our mothers kept many magical moments of our childhood and youth, a lot of feelings and emotions: the first milk tooth, first steps, first prank, first offense, the firstawkward question, the first five in the school, first tears of love for the child ... excellent gift on March 8 with their

own hands will commemorative photo album with pictures and signatures, that you dedicate to my mother.

Memorable gifts on March 8 with their own hands

album for Mom - a gift on March 8 with his hands

To produce the album, you will need your baby pictures, drawings, doodles, notebooks and diaries from the school, a beautiful album, double-sided tape, colored markers, andAll kinds of accessories: lace, dry leaves, etc.

First take all the stuff and sort chronologically. distribute it through the pages of the album so that one could turn to place one or more photos or drawings, as well as something to draw, write or paste.And now start to create.

Such gifts on March 8 with his hands are done without fuss, so would be better to have a few days left. Each turn of the album should be issued as a small story.Carefully stick the adhesive tape on your photos or children's drawings.Complete your felt pen an empty space: write some verses suitable to your photos or your memories, some thoughts, words of gratitude.

Note: best not to use glue and paint.All that wets the paper, then it can deform.

Awaken your inner child, Step back thoughts and feelings in childhood and release your imagination.For example, your picture from my childhood: the tears on his cheeks, but you laugh.Do you remember how you fell and broke his knee, burst into tears, and my mother came up and kissed, regret and promised to take to the amusement park?But your drawing - cross-eyed cat with legs of different lengths.And then you were proud of this figure - and proud of your mom with you!Draw near to this new cat and provide the caption: "Mom, thank you for having supported me in my endeavors - see, now I draw a lot better."

And photos and pictures you can hang around the house on clothespins - this too will please my mother.

Memorable gifts on March 8 with their own hands

Do not skimp on the emotions. When we grow up, we give our parents out of time, through their everyday concerns, we often do not notice how they have is not enough.A a gift on March 8 with his hands remind your mother that you appreciate her, grateful to her that you're still her little baby, who from the heart gives her his love.

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