Easter egg pasta: unusual crafts

decorate pasta best wood or plaster harvesting eggs , because eggshells too fragile and can break during operation.Wooden blanks for Easter egg pasta can be bought at a specialty store, but the plaster is quite possible to make your own hands.

Easter egg pasta

1. Take a plastic egg that splits in half and cut a small round hole at its base.If you do not have plastic eggs, you can use regular chicken egg: do the hole in it, let the liquid drain out, and then slightly increase the hole (very carefully so as not to break the shell), dry.

2. Now prepare a plaster solution.Pour into a bowl and add a glass of water 5 tablespoons.l.plaster.Stir until smooth plaster that it remained lumps.

3. Place the egg on the bottom of the glass or a glass and pour through the hole plaster using a funnel.Leave to dry for an hour.

4. Remove the plastic egg halves with plaster or simply clean the shell.

5. When you have the foundation, you can start decorating.

Golden Easter Egg pasta

Take a wooden or plaster template for Easte

r egg pasta and put it in the PVA glue a thin strip around the longitudinal side of the egg.Then glue on the small strip of uncooked pasta (such as asterisks) right next to each other.Make several of these strips.

Easter egg pasta

Now take the paint (acrylic or gouache) and fully paint the egg pasta.

Easter egg pasta

Center sequins decorate eggs.To do this, pour a little white glue on the plate and sprinkle it sparkles.A thick layer of shiny, apply glue to the center of the egg.

Easter egg pasta

You get real golden Easter eggs pasta.

can also be pasted egg pasta in whole or lay pattern and cover the silver or gold paint.

Easter egg pasta

Combine pasta with other natural material

s, to lay out a variety of ornaments.

Easter egg pasta

Easter egg pasta

Easter egg pasta

If paint Easter eggs pasta will be noticeable relief, if not paint - the color.

Easter egg pasta

Easter egg pasta using a ball

With a little patience and diligence, you can make an Easter egg, consisting entirely of pasta.

You will need:

  • PVA glue;

  • pasta;

  • balloon;

  • paint (optional).

Easter egg pasta

can choose pasta of all sizes, shapes and colors, but to create a flat surface is best suited pasta in the form of wheels on the wagon.

1. To start, soak the pasta in PVA glue for 5 minutes.

2. Inflate the balloon to the correct size, the tip of the tie tightly.

3. Start glue pasta on the inflated balloon so that there was a cavity inside.

4. Allow the product to dry thoroughly, then pierce the ball and pull it out.

5. Edges decorate other pasta shapes, such as ribbons or shells.It is advisable to use a hot melt adhesive, because it easily fills all gaps and voids.

6. Next, decorate the sides of the Easter eggs.For this you will need the pasta ideas that you have not used in the work (in the form of a radiator, very short tubes or ordinary straw).

7. At the top of the can put a cross, made of the same pasta that all egg.

8. If desired, easter egg pasta can be covered with a layer of paint and varnish.

Easter egg pasta

Easter egg pasta

It is not just hack Easter , is an art!

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