Kids crafts on March 8 with their own hands

bouquet of exotic flowers

To perform this crafts for March 8, made with his own hands, need bright buttons of different diameter, wire and wooden spool of thread.

1. Nanizhte on a piece of wire a couple of buttons, and a large diameter smaller.They should be in the middle of the wire stem.Bend the wire and twist.

2. Make so few flowers.

3. Gather a bunch of them and twist stems together.

4. The resulting composition, insert the coil, it will play the role of a vase.

Kids crafts on March 8 with their own hands

Kids crafts on March 8 with their own hands

card with a pedigree

There are very original ideas crafts for March 8, which are easy to perform with his own hands.

1. Take dry leaves from the herbarium, you're going with a child in the summer.

2. Draw on a piece of cardboard pink contour tree.

3. On its crown Draw a circle on the number of family members cut their circles.

4. On cardboard, draw a white birch trunk, cut it out and glue to the tree.

5. Lubricate the dry leaves with white glue and glue so that they roughly follow the contours of the tree.

6. Prepare a photo with members of your family.

7. Try photo by placing circular cutouts in the cardboard.Persons should be clearly visible.

8. Cut out a photo of each family member in the form of a circle so that its diameter was 0.5 cm larger than the diameter of the hole.

9. Glue the photo, greasing the edges on the front side.

These children crafts for March 8 will delight grandmothers.

Kids crafts on March 8 with their own hands

Postcard "Mimosa┬╗

crafts out of paper on March 8 with their own hands, although not complicated, but very touching.

1. From a sheet of cardboard, cut a large red heart.

2. Paper napkins yellow and blue Narva small patches and twist into balls.

3. From the green paper-cut leaves and fold them accordion to give the amount of future applications.From the same paper fabricate stem.

4. Glue the stem and leaves to the heart.

5. The area where the flowers should be placed, spread the adhesive and attach the yellow balls of cloth.

6. Blue balls on the same principle lay figure "8".

Usually children very seriously resemble the process of manufacture of handicrafts for March 8 with their own hands. work with small details will help in the development of fine motor skills of your baby.

Kids crafts on March 8 with their own hands

Portrait of memory

We always keep a long time children's crafts, presented to us on March 8.Nice to be found in a drawer a portrait made insecure child's hand.

1. Make a base for a card, bent in half album sheet and one of the halves cut out flat oval.

2. The fields around the frame decorate with stickers (flowers, butterflies, bows).

3. Inside the oval is drawn portrait of mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, teachers, friends, etc.

Kids crafts on March 8 with their own hands

Designer vase

Crafts for March 8 with their own hands, not only will please the mother and grandmother, but also help the child to show imagination.

1. Take a glass bottle.

2. Cut the colored crepe paper.

3. Paper pieces stick to the surface of the bottles using PVA glue diluted with water 1: 1 vysohnuv, it is colorless.

4. Top paper glued again to apply a layer of PVA.

5. Shape paper scraps can be very different: the squares, strips, etc.

Kids crafts on March 8 with their own hands

Kids crafts on March 8 with their own hands

If you have colored napkins with pretty pictures or images that can be cut, it is possible to make a similar vase out of the bottle with decoupage .The principle of operation is the same, and more options.

It's not all crafts on March 8, that their hands can make a baby.You may come to a head and other original ideas that you embody, along with her baby.

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