Graduation in kindergarten: the idea of ​​a holiday

Big gala concert

idea of ​​this outlet in kindergarten is to conduct the concert, which is attended by the children of the senior group. It consists of a room, where they show their talents.

By the end of kindergarten, most children begin to go to different clubs, sports clubs, dance studios, music schools.And each of them will be happy to share their achievements with their peers: to play the violin or piano, show the number of rhythmic gymnastics, sing a song, to show the focus, etc.Of course, the numbers should be selected by teachers and submitted to the discharge scenario in kindergarten.

must be present at the concert entertainer - a boy and a girl.They will represent the number in the form of poems and witty jokes.

For those children who, for whatever reason, failed or refused to take part in the concert, choreographer puts 2-3 overall dance, which will be included in the program. It is essential that no one is left to one side, so that every child could feel their contribution to the co

mmon cause.

Graduation in kindergarten - holiday ideas


This graduation in kindergarten is a theatrical performance, which is attended by children and educators.

His idea is that the wicked witch kidnaps two graduates: Masha and Vitya.In the search for their friends embark.To defeat the villain and save the kids need Tsvetik-semitsvetik.His magical petals, fulfilling desires of the characters are well-known fairy tales: Cinderella Boy Thumb, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, snowflakes, Thumbelina, Princess Nesmeyana, Pinocchio.

In this scenario prom in kindergarten during travel, friends visit each character and tell them the story of Masha and Viti.Fairy-tale characters sing about themselves songs, read poems, performed a dance of snowflakes.And each of them gives children a petal.

When all the flower is harvested, the children destroy the spell of evil sorceress and rescued Masha and Victor join them.

Graduation in kindergarten - holiday ideas

Forest School

As the next stage of the life of children discharged from the kindergarten should be a school, and most of them really want to quickly get into it and feel quite adult, the topic and outlet can bedevoted to school.But it does not learn to children, and beasts of the forest: foxes, ezhata, Belchatow, bear cubs.Teachers are also animal.

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This graduation in kindergarten will play the school day, consisting of lessons in which animals will learn to write, count, sing, draw,dance.During the sessions with the students will be funny incidents, they will quarrel and reconciled with each other.

This graduation in kindergarten finishes execution of all the graduates of the song on the friendship and kindness.

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