Pregnancy Calendar: calculate sex of the baby

Despite the fact that parents are equally loved both boys and girls, many of us still secretly dreaming of, for example, on how to raise a son or a real man to give birth to a daughter himself - a real girlfriend.There is hardly a person who does not wonder who he is born.

Looking answer to this question will help you pregnancy calendar.Calculate the child's sex with high probability can be the case when you know the exact date of ovulation and sexual intercourse, due to which conception occurred.The less time had passed between them, the more likely to conceive a boy.Accordingly, if you are planning an heir, you will need to monitor closely the beginning of ovulation.This can be done either by using a special test or measuring the basal temperature.

In addition, there are two calendar determine the sex of the baby : Japanese and Chinese.

need to know for the first few months of birth expectant parents to calculate the optimal time conceiving a boy or girl, and the second is sufficient maternal ag

e. Japanese calendar consists of two parts.First we need to determine which number corresponds to your pair, depending on the month of birth the future moms and dads.Now go to the second part and locate its number, and underneath - the possible month of conception.Next to the name of the month are the two crosses in columns - "boy" and "girl."The more, the higher the probability of conceiving a baby of the desired sex.

better start planning in advance of the child to not have to wait too long for a favorable period.Although, of course, no guarantee this table does not.However, as the following Chinese. Chinese table is based solely on the age of the expectant mother.Why does a woman of a certain age is able to conceive a boy or a girl, only in a certain month - a mystery, but it is believed that this calendar is very old, and relies on the wisdom of the ancestors it.

believe it or not - the right of everyone, but it is no wonder they say that when something very much like, it certainly happens!

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