How to wean a child from pacifier 10 tricks

When a child needs to leave the pacifier?

aged 1 to 2 years of a child is psychologically quite ready to give up the pacifier. But pediatricians recommend doing it even earlier, in the period from 3 months to 1 year. In the second case, the process will take place with less psychological costs for the baby.

Also, there are a number of indications that suggest that it is necessary immediately to separate the child from the pacifier:

  • delay the development of social skills, ability to communicate due to the constant sucking;

  • to think about how to wean the child from the pacifier is necessary and in that case he will not part with it for a minute;

  • for problems with hearing or speech, the doctor diagnosed.

How to wean a child from pacifier

1. Convenient when the child has learned to drink from a cup.Now let's just baby food in it.Forget the bottle and try to rarely use the pacifier.A child is not thought of her, longer play with it, invest it in the handle rattles and toys.

2 .Not give your child a pacifier do if he did not ask.

3. Use a pacifier only as a sedative when the baby is nervous or afraid.

4. puzzled as to wean the child from the pacifier, make it a rule to gradually increase the intervals of time spent without her baby.For example, do not take a pacifier for a walk.Do not let your child suck on it while playing games and watching cartoons.Good to wean him fall asleep with the pacifier.

5. Try to keep the nipple rarely come across a child in the eyes. Then he will increasingly forget about it.

6. Here is another trick for those who are looking for a way to wean the child from the pacifier.Cut it and explain to your child that the nipple has deteriorated.When he begins to cry, try to tell him that all things do not last forever and that the return can not be a dummy.After all, the child does not yet know what new can be bought in the store.

7. Explain to your child that pacifier sucking only very small children, who can not walk. And those who grow, it takes fantastic fairy.Put night pacifier under the pillow at night and replace it with a small gift.It is unlikely that such a fabulous outcome of events upset the child.

How to wean a child from pacifier - advice

Don'ts, weaning a child from pacifier

1. Do not lubricate the nipple mustard or something tasteless.This can cause negative psychological consequences.

2. Do not scold the child.The quarrel is not with the baby does not contribute to solving the problem of how to wean the child from the pacifier.

3 .Do not tease the baby, and do not be fooled. This can lead to a loss of confidence on his part, and to awaken in him the desire to act in spite of their parents.

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