About bread: gestational age

Determination of gestational age plays an important role in monitoring it over, it allows you to understand the development of the child, and to prevent complications, especially if you have any selection in the early stages .Also, it is necessary to calculate the expected date of delivery, to monitor the status of the fetus and the expectant mother.All surveys doctor certainly compares with certain regulations.

first method

Doctors define the term from the first day of the last month, so if the pregnancy is proceeding normally, it takes a little more than 40 weeks.But the moment of fertilization and ovulation occurs (if the female menstrual cycle is proceeding normally) 7-10 days from the beginning of the last critical days.For this reason, the present age of the fetus a little less midwifery.Throw in two weeks the date of ovulation and calculate the due date as follows: date of ovulation +38 -3 weeks or a month and a week.

second way

not know, like to know the gestational age ?Focus about it, a stomach in the early stages , as increased size of the uterus, its location in the abdomen and pelvis at 12 weeks of pregnancy, it is at the level of the upper edge of the joint, in 16 - between the navel and the joints, and in 20- at the level of the navel.When the gestational age of 28 weeks, the uterus is in the middle of the sternum xiphoid process and the navel, 32 - at the level of the sternum.

The third way

also the gestational age can be determined and that when the fetus starts to move.If a woman is the first time in an interesting position, movement of the baby, she begins to feel at 18-20 weeks if the second - at 16-18.But this way of defining the term inaccurate, because each of the fair sex is individual.

Fourth, the most reliable way

most accurate and reliable method of determining gestational age today - ultrasound.Doctor for that focused on the size of the head, bones of the child, the degree of maturity of the placenta.Ultrasound can be performed at any stage of pregnancy, but doctors advise not to do it more than three times for all time.This method is the most accurate, especially in the first three months of pregnancy.Then the size of the fetus begin to vary and depend on the individual character of the passage of pregnancy.Through ultrasound, you can even calculate the estimated weight of the baby.

To accurately determine the time, you should also focus on all of these indicators are, in fact, if the differences in them are visible, may develop complications.

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