Tangram for preschoolers: developing Puzzle

Tangram - the famous puzzle game that came to us from ancient China.The essence of this game is to the east building on the plane of the 7 simple geometric shapes new designated contour shapes.It can be a variety of silhouettes, people, animals, vehicles, household items, plants, toys and even numbers and letters.The basic rule: it is necessary to use all the elements of the tangram and never impose them on each other.

Developing puzzle

Tangram for preschoolers promotes:

  • attention;

  • understanding of colors, sizes and shapes,

  • abstract and spatial reasoning;

  • imagination;

  • logical thinking;

  • combinatorial abilities.

Tangram for preschoolers: do yourself

tangram puzzles for preschoolers can be purchased in the store, but you can make yourself at home.For the manufacture of Tangram Take thick cardboard, draw a square on it.Then he and diversified so that the figures were as follows: 5 triangles (2 large, 1 medium and 2 small), a square and a parallelogram - only 7 figures.You c

an use the template shown below.

How to make a Tangram for preschoolers

resulting square cut on the lines drafted. For classes with very young children (3-5 years), it is better to paint each of the 7 figures in a specific color. So the child will be easier to take shape and is easier to make new shapes.

tangram schemes for children: from simple to complex

Initially game Tangram preschoolers better not to difficult tasks - the child needs time to understand the essence of the puzzle.And if his first experience will be unsuccessful (due to the complexity of the task and the lack of understanding), interest in the game he probably lost.So take your time.

first consider the figures together, make something elementary.Start be yourself, and then ask your child to help you, call the color, etc. Children can invent their own figures, including fantastic.The main thing is that the child is well-represented, that he constructs and used with all 7 pieces.

In the second stage of training already be possible to begin a figure for the color scheme. To some this may seem very easy, but for three years of a child to pick a figure in color and form is not so simple.You can use the following scheme for children tangram.

Tangram for preschoolers - scheme for children 3-5 years

Tangram for preschoolers - circuits for children 3, 4, 5 years

Tangram for preschoolers - scheme for small children

Tangram for preschoolers - tangram scheme for the child 3 years

children 5-7 years can already offer silhouette and monochrome scheme tangram puzzle elements.

Tangram for preschool children from 5 to 7 years

Tangram for preschoolers 5, 6, 7 years

Offering Tangram preschoolers, always start with the most simple shapes, gradually increasing complexity. is important to consider the age and individual characteristics of the child.

interesting idea to implement - magnetic tangram. It can be made from a large square magnet decorations for the refrigerator, cut it into pieces and covered with them on top of colored paper.

Tangram for preschoolers on the fridge

Hang on the refrigerator one or two sets of puzzles and set schemes for tangram , and daily exercises for development of imagination your kids will be provided.

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