Events with a child for May 9 celebrations


Start with a story about the history of the holiday.

May 9 Russia celebrates Soviet victory over Nazi Germany.Her she won in a bitter struggle, which lasted from June 22, 1941 to May 9, 1945 Covenant on the surrender of Germany was signed in France in Reims.

The bloodiest war in the history of our country was over.But its victims, we will always remember.The soldiers and officers died heroically at the fronts, and their mothers, sisters and younger brothers worked on the home front war production and collective farms, supplying military weapons and food.

to war were not only professional soldiers and men of military age.In front of teenagers ran away.The heroism on the battlefield and showed the young girl nurse.

Words can not describe how much grief brought war to our people!Total losses it made more than 26 million. People.

These people gave us peace, and we must preserve it by all means!Festival May 9 carries not only the joy of the Great Victory, this is the day of mourning.Every

year we remember and thank the people who sacrificed their lives for the peaceful sky over our country.

Activities with children on May 9

literature about the war

events of the Great Patriotic War, the subject of many books.We chose those works that you can offer your child to read.

1. LAKassil "Street younger son."

2. NKChukovsky "Sea."

3. BNPolevoy "The Story of a Real Man," "Joan of Arc, the Upper Forest".

4. LTKosmodemyanskaya "The Story of Zoya and Shura."

5. BLVasilyev "The Dawns Here Are Quiet".

6. VOBogomolov, stories about the war.

7. STAlekseev, stories about the war.

about the war with the Nazis written hundreds of poems.She dedicated their works KMSimonov, Y.Drunina, RGGamzatov, MASvetlov, ATTwardowski, OFBergholz, AAAkhmatova.Perhaps this military lyrics will resonate in the soul of a child.

Cinema war

And here is a small list of films about the Great Patriotic War, which describes the history of the young Soviet citizens.Examples of their lives to help in the education of the modern kids.

1. «Once there was a girl," dir.B. Eisymont.

2. «Ivan's Childhood", dir.Andrei Tarkovsky.

3. «The girl is looking for her father," dir.L. Golub.

4. «The Tinder Box", dir.Pronin.

5. «Girl from" dir.O. Nicholas.

6. «Fourth height", dir.I. Ascension.


It is important to teach children to thank veterans for their feat.Old people will welcome any signs of attention: flowers, cards, home help.They were especially touched by the children performed military songs and poems.Some veterans are happy to share memories with the young generation, the other does not like to talk about those tragic days.

By May 9 regional museums of all Russian cities are preparing exhibitions and displays dedicated to war.Visiting this event will give the child the important knowledge of the history of the motherland.

Events with a child by May 9

find excuses

consider features of child psychology: children useless "dump" a ton of information and reading them long lectures. find something that could be a reason for a story about war and victory.The best reasons - personal.

If your great-grandfather fought, and great-grandmother was a nurse, show your child a family photo archive. he would like to be proud of his family.Go to the eternal fire, leave the child laying flowers.

Together look at the parade; when somewhere in your area there are monuments in the form of military equipment, allow your child to climb on them (however, it is better not to do May 9).Try to answer all the questions young pochemuchek and set their own.

If the holiday you do some crafts, such as traditional tank made of plasticine, show your child how to look different models of Soviet tanks - let him try to embody the model that he likes more.Or take a holiday together «Tank" cake and presented it to grandparents.

children really enjoy events such as field kitchen. In addition, you can play themed games. Sew several forage caps (better if you do this to help the children) and arrange a competition-summer lightning.

If the holiday on May 9 is important to you, it will be a special day for your child.

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