Big changes: pregnancy!

From the very first moment, when two tiny cells begin to form in the little man, the mother's body begins to change and restructure.It is a wonderful way for the whole period of pregnancy is changing.Usually the first few days to realize that you are pregnant, it is impossible, but to stake the fourth week of a woman is already beginning to feel it.

first sign of early pregnancy , which draws the attention of any woman - a missed period, but there are other signs of pregnancy :

  • breast enlargement;
  • toxicosis;
  • fatigue and mood swings;
  • heightened sensitivity to odors;
  • dizziness and high blood pressure;
  • increase in basal body temperature;
  • nagging, unpleasant pain in the abdomen and lower back;
  • frequent urination.

external changes on a small pregnancy not.But in rapidly forming a plurality of cells of the body of the child, and in the fifth week, you can hear his heart beat.

condition during pregnancy:

Many women feel a slight discomfort in the morning, this is due to the increase

in hormones.A large percentage of women, ranging from 4 to 8 week feel nausea and heartburn.

Changes breasts, growth of breasts and chests, increased channels - they are becoming more they expand, ready to fill with milk.

The biggest change during pregnancy is exposed to the uterus - it not only increases but also becomes much softer, to adapt to the growing embryo.

Every day the embryo is undergoing significant changes: forming organs, eyes, hands and feet, the face takes shape.The child grows, so the expectant mother must adapt to its demands.

heart of the mother during pregnancy has to work harder to pump the increased blood volume.To the mother's heart to withstand these loads are required frequent walks in the fresh air.

also very important to proper nutrition.Foods rich in vitamins and minerals needed for the growth of the child and the formation of its bodies.An ever-increasing body needs more calories about 300-500 a day.It is necessary to follow a special diet.

Smoking during pregnancy , and drinking completely contraindicated, as nicotine, alcohol and carbon monoxide cross the placenta and fetal blood flows spoil, influencing the formation of the eyes, respiratory system and brain.

Maternal care begins even before the birth of the baby, which is why a pregnant woman should create around themselves a healthy environment.

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