Tangram: diagrams and figures

is noteworthy that the word "tangram" is actually an old English word, composed of two parts - the "tan" - Chinese and "program" - in Greek "letter".In China, the game is called Chi-Chao Tu (7 ingenious shapes).

essence of this puzzle lies in the folding of 7 geometric shapes tanrama different silhouettes, as well as inventing new ones.Imagine estimated that tangram element 7000 can be formed of various combinations.In solving the puzzle must be observed only 2 rules: the first - you need to use all 7 tangram pieces, and the second - the figures should not overlap.

tangram What are the benefits?

Folding schemes for Tangram promotes perseverance, attention, imagination, logical thinking, helps to create the whole of the parts and thus to anticipate the result of its operations, teach to follow the rules and to act according to instructions.All these skills are needed while a child in school, and into adulthood.

Tangram: schemes for younger students

Small children is best to offer a simple and

interesting schemes tangram, such as animal silhouettes.We offer to bring together children cat, carp, camel, fox, turkey and duck.Please note that one picture can be quite a bit of change, moving a few pieces and collect the animal changes the position, that is, comes to life.

Tangram - diagrams and figures


Tangram - diagrams and figures

Carp and camel

Tangram - diagrams and figures


Tangram - diagrams and figures

duck and turkey

for you a detailed description of the scheme tangram with imagehare.

1. The first figure will start our hare be head - square.The head will make the ears: a medium-sized triangle and a parallelogram.The body is made of 2 large triangles, and the foot of the small.

2. Our bunny something scared and changed its shape: pinned ears, legs folded.Lay out of 2 large triangles body, joining them in the shape of a parallelogram.To attach the head of the body of the square, and the head - ears of a parallelogram.It remains to make a foot of 2 small and 1 medium triangle.

3. Hare stopped being afraid and decided to look out from behind a bush, he pricked up his ears (a parallelogram and medium triangle), and yet he had a tail - a small triangle.

Tangram - diagrams and figures

And looks like a fox catching a hare.

Tangram - diagrams and figures

tangram Plans for high school students

fifth graders can boldly take on more complex schemes tangram - images of people in motion.Also, children of this age certainly will like intricate silhouettes numbers and letters.

Tangram - diagrams and figures

Tangram - diagrams and figures

Tangram well-developed abstract thinking, so it is useful to preschoolers, who are preparing for school and learning to read .

Tangram design

Adults can not only play with Tangram children , but also to go further - to use the technique of the puzzle design.You can originally and beautifully decorate the bookshelves in the form of tangram pieces.

Tangram - diagrams and figures

embody the most interesting ideas, all depends on your imagination.

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