How to wean a child from night feeding: Ways

If until natural weaning is still far away, but the baby more than six months, but he continues to punctually wake up at night, so you have time to think about how to wean a child from night feeding.

First you need to understand why you can not eat at night.The fact that mother's breast for the child - not only a source of food, but also an indicator of intimacy with her mother, the source of peace. child wakes up not so much to eat, how much sense that mother nearby.

If a child eats breast milk at night 2-3 times, then his stomach does not have time to rest, disturbed digestion, which may later lead to a malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract.Up to half a year of feeding at night - a natural process, but after six months, when your baby starts solid foods, and it is getting closer to the development of adult food, night-feeding should be stopped.

Before wean the child from night feeding, including bottle, need to develop a plan of action and implement them gradually, in any case without depriv

ing the child of night feedings too rapidly.

How to wean a child from night feeding methods

How to wean a child from night feeding?

In order to ensure smooth separation of a child with nocturnal feeding, it is necessary to look for new ways to meet their needs and switching attention.

  • Alternative consolation. «jam" stress we teach children from childhood, because if a child is crying, the easiest way to calm him down than to give the breast or bottle, no.At night, this method is also less energy-intensive.If you decide to wean the child from the night feeding, try to comfort him differently: soft music, my mother whispers in your ear, stroking the baby will help to calm down.

  • evening ritual. ritual of falling asleep, usually gradually leads to the fact that the child produced reflex sleep at night, during the day - awake.Eating too ceases to be associated with the night time.Rituals can be any repetitive manipulations in the evenings before bedtime.They should be calming nature: taking a bath (coniferous baths can be done with sedation), reading a bedtime story, a favorite lullaby from the mouth of the mother.

  • high-calorie dinner. If a child is good supper in the evening, then it is likely that at night it is just will not.If you feed your baby is exclusively breastfed, or a mixture, then let him have the last feeding of the period from 11 to 12 pm.If a child is eating solid foods is already full, then feed him porridge in the evening, so that he will not soon experienced hunger.

  • support families. Very often, a child secured certain associations with a particular family member.If at the time of weaning from the night feedings you enlist the support of a husband or grandmother, it is likely that the child will remember for a breast or bottle because these people had no such associations.In any case you are close, if the child is still raskapriznichaetsya, and need your help.Stress - is not the best method of weaning from the night feedings.

  • fresh air. evening stroll in the fresh air is the best promote healthy night's sleep as well as the ventilation of the room.Make the child's room a pleasant cool and clean, moderately moist air, and you will notice that the child will be sleeping a lot calmer.

  • At the time of weaning from the night feedings create a rich leisure child, but dose new experience, because they are not conducive to restful sleep.Plenty are close to the child, providing the physical contact during the day.

With an older child can always be able to agree, or to show imagination.If a kid does not want to part with a favorite bottle, then come up with some story about how kids grow up, and pass the bottle to kids and stuff like that (by the way, this technique works when weaning a child from pacifier ).

order to wean the child from the night feeding, you should be patient, because the attitude of the mother the entire success venture.

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