Intimate questions: release in early pregnancy

woman's body after conception begins a global restructuring hormonal: abdomen during pregnancy noticeably rounded breast increases, monthly terminated.

If you notice any smearing or profuse discharge with a touch or splashes of blood and pungent smell, you should consult your doctor immediately.

What are the selection?

white discharge usually women suffering from candidiasis, which is often exacerbated in early pregnancy.These secretions have a sour taste and the consistency of cottage cheese.Itching and burning in the vagina - a sure sign of thrush.

Unfortunately, treat candidiasis during pregnancy is not possible because of the need for a comprehensive treatment and receiving antifungal medications, but can help to remove the spark attacks.Consult with your doctor to see which ones are allowed to pregnant women.

Yellow release in early pregnancy is often considered the norm and, as a rule, take place before the end of the first trimester.If after this selection foams hav

e an unpleasant smell greenish tint , this means that the organism takes you signal progressing infection.Dark-yellow discharge of purulent inflammation say. If you have yellow secretions necessary to inform your gynecologist, get tested for infections of the genitourinary system, otherwise provoke an inflammatory process miscarriage .

appearance of bleeding discharge in early pregnancy women are often confused with onset of menstruation, especially in the first month of pregnancy , when the fertilized egg has not stuck, and the body, as if by habit, work still hormonal background.However, spotting represent a great danger for the safety of the fetus.The color of such discharges may vary from pale pink to maroon.Spotting accompanied by strong pulling back pain and abdominal pain, may be indicative of an ectopic pregnancy , cervical pathology or start a miscarriage.

Noticing spotting, urgent need to go to the hospital, where pregnant immediately make ultrasound, take blood hCG, and if the fetus is still intact, will take a number of measures to conserve it. To avoid such scenarios, be attentive to your body and just react to the signals it!

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