Touching Easter crafts for kids

Easter crafts with your child

Easter crafts What you can do with your child to a happy Easter, besides the traditional coloring of eggs?

Plates for eggs

can make a nice egg cups made of cardboard and colored paper.The simplest stand - glued strip of colored cardboard ring.The diameter of the ring should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the smallest eggs.But will stand much more beautiful if a little effort and diligence, and decorate it.For example, like this.

Easter crafts - egg cups

Order of work is shown in the photo.

Easter crafts - egg cups

Easter crafts - egg cups

Other options Easter crafts - pretty coasters.

Easter crafts - egg cups

Easter crafts - egg cups spring

Draw markers on the eggs, and the smiling faces of the stand-fashioned costumes.

Easter crafts - egg cups

Easter Angel

Easter guardian angel.Traditionally, these angels were made of cotton or linen fabric in red or white.Easter crafts are always filled with meaning. Red symbolizes fire, sun, health, love, and white - the purity of the soul and the mind.

Now many people prefer to use to create a modern angels beautiful fabrics of different

colors, but the meaning remains the same dolls.The most attractive in Easter Crafts, angels that their production - not a complicated process, and it is the power of a child with little help of an adult.

Easter crafts as angels are inexpensive and easy.You will need:

  • 2 squares of fabric (fabric is better to tear his arms - the resulting fringe creates the effect of feathers);

  • little wool or syntepon for the head of an angel;

  • 2 segment solid strands to form figures and connection details Easter crafts;

  • beautiful ribbon or string (about 25 cm).

order of making Easter crafts for clear photos.

1. Put in the middle of the square cloth or cotton padding polyester and using strong thread forming the head of an angel.

2. Using the same thread form a hand-wings and skirt.

3. From the second square, folded diagonally in half, making the wings, tied it in the middle.

4. Tie the wings to the back of the angel.

5. From ribbons or cords do "wreath" on the head of an angel, and the free ends of the ribbons crisscross bandages chest and back.The ends of the ribbon-like belt tied in front.

Easter crafts - Angel

Easter crafts - Angel

turns gentle, light and very beautiful angel.If you hang these Easter crafts at a very fine fishing line from the ceiling or chandelier, angels will make a magical impression as if your home is indeed flocked to the feast of Easter light and weightless God's guardian angels.Especially look beautiful Easter crafts, dolls made of organza with iridescent tints.

rooms can be decorated for Easter from the simple angels ... paper clips.

Easter crafts - Angel wire

festive garlands

Another simple and nice hack for Easter - Garlands with Easter symbols - bunnies and painted eggs.They were so nice to do with the child and decorate their freshly washed windows!

first version garlands - with fluffy rabbit tails of wool.

Easter crafts - garland with rabbits

Easter crafts - garland with rabbits

Easter crafts - garland with rabbits

Experiment with silhouettes.The tail can be decorated in a different way: beads, sequins, etc.The main thing for crafts for Easter - delicate spring colors.

Easter crafts - garland with rabbits

few rivets, colored cardboard - and bright family bunnies enliven the most boring wall!

Easter crafts - garland with rabbits

Easter crafts - garland with rabbits

If you have never done "endless" garlands, it's time to try!

Easter crafts - garland with rabbits

Thick white cardboard and transparent color film - the material for the fine crafts, decorations for the windows.Rays of sun breaking through the colored windows, paint the room in the colors of spring meadows.

Easter crafts -ukrashaem window

Garland in the form of eggs is very simple.Cut them out of bright cardboard, paper, and even from old magazines.

Easter crafts for kids - Garland

Singing birds and rabbits eggs from the "Kinder Surprise" thorough and roosters - charming Easter crafts that are quite capable of even the youngest family members.

Easter crafts -ukrashaem window

can produce bright and stand boxes for Easter eggs .Choose what you like, and have a fun weekend with the children, master crafts and preparing for a blessed holiday.

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