Children's suits, sundresses with their hands

in someone wants to turn your naughty girl today?The mouse-norushku, sly fox, mischievous tiger or a frog-wah?Mother-needle women will need only one pattern to sew any costume children's hands.Suit-sarafanchik sew quickly and easily, and wear comfortable and fun!

fabrics and materials

to just suit made with their own hands, looked great, pick well combined materials. main fabric need no more than 1 m, the rest is sufficient for small patches.The fabric can be any (but soft enough).Well suited fleecy fabrics: velvet, velor, velvet.They look like fur.

also need a flap adhesive nonwoven.To obtain a muzzle can use fabrics like the illustrations, and you can pick up the tape instead of a mustache, eyes, and even ready-made plastic nose.Get creative: make your own hands Children's costume - is also fun entertainment.

Kroim details


These dimensions are calculated on the pattern sundress girl rising 97 cm chest circumference of 56 cm. If you wish to increase the pattern proportionately.From the

underlying tissue is necessary to tailor:

  • muzzle folded;

  • folded in front;

  • folded back;

  • 2 straps 9 x 9 cm;

  • piping back to the fold;

  • piping forehand folded;

  • rear of the tabs, pockets.

Details facings are highlighted in red.To cut the whole forehand piping, glue the two parts together.Add seam allowances of 1-1.5 cm and 4 cm hem.




sew a simple suit with his hands

1. Start with the details.Baste and scribbled on the edge of the details of eyes, nose, mustache, or attach them in any suitable manner.Zagotovte ears, sew pockets on the skirt.

2. Details straps duplicate interlining, fold in half of the face into equity, sew along the long edge, turn, otutyuzhte and scribbled on the sides.

3. On the front panel of the skirt is folded stitch detail faces.Sew lyamochki and ears to muzzle.The other ends of the straps sewn to the back.

4. piping duplicate adhesive interlining.Put sundress ahead so that the item was back to face you.Lyamochki and sewn item before put on it.On the top edge of the back attach piping to face, scribbled, carve corners on the shoulders and bend allowance.Remove the piping inside out and otutyuzhte.

5. Place and in front of the item before, her straps and back at the upper edge stitched piping.Turn it inside out and otutyuzhte.

6. Run the side seams with piping, neatly combining seam piping.Otutyuzhte side seams.Along the top edge, do nastrochku to the piping is not to turn out.

7. Tuck skirt sundress.

Such sarafan easily be turned into costumes, adding funny masks from paper !

That's it!

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