Alarm: Monthly in early pregnancy

Bloody release in early pregnancy women is often mistaken for the onset of menstruation.In fact monthly pregnancy may indicate that the fertilized egg had not yet attached, but the body, following the call of their hormones, worked as usual.Fertilization takes 1-2 weeks after conception.In this case, the woman may be a slight amount of blood.Excessive bleeding is for up to 12 weeks is likely to mean a miscarriage.

Among other things, the woman should make sure she really was pregnant, since there is a possibility of false pregnancy .

addition of such an elementary explanation of the reasons for concern is still there, because monthly pregnancy - a phenomenon not quite normal and may be a sign of serious problems.

  • injury vagina or cervix. small mechanical injuries can occur after sexual intercourse or gross careless inspection gynecologist.Therefore, confirmation of the fact of pregnancy after an analysis of the HCG or ultrasound diagnosis is not recommended for manual inspections in the

    gynecological chair until 12 weeks of pregnancy.From sexual contact should also be avoided.Spotting for this reason are not serious, but it's worth to do ultrasound to make sure that the fetus is in order.

  • threat of miscarriage. most dangerous period of the first trimester of pregnancy is, in fact these three months accounted for a large part of the miscarriages.Recognize the beginning of miscarriage at this early period is difficult, especially since the pain is often absent.Monthly, in this case starting with the brown spotting.When these signs she will need to go to the hospital "to save."

  • hormonal disorders. Women with high levels of androgens (male hormones) suffer a violation of progesterone.This hormone is responsible for the safe fertilization and healthy during pregnancy, so surrendering analyzes on hormones, women are encouraged to take in the first trimester of certain drugs.If the time has not noticed a hormonal disturbance, the body rejects the fetus of a pregnant, and women begin to rovyanistye release in early pregnancy .

  • Ectopic pregnancy. The biggest reason monthly occurrence during pregnancy. Spotting while accompanied by a nagging pain in the abdomen and lower back, as in combat.Is fraught with the fact that a woman can not immediately guess ectopic pregnancy , which can lead to serious loss of health, it is impossible even to conceive and even death.

In addition to all the above reasons, the reason for the beginning of the month in early pregnancy may be a genetic glitch, Rhesus-conflict mother and fetus, the violation of the structure of the uterus.To avoid such problems, a woman must be fully examined before planning a pregnancy.

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