5 spring crafts from natural materials

What spring is associated with most of us?Of course, with fresh green grass, buds and young leaves.It is these natural materials we propose to use to create a spring craft.

House gnome

House based on fairy tales can be made of foam rubber sponges and cereal seeds.It's very colorful and cheerful spring hack.

You will need:

  • thick foam sponge bright colors;

  • cereal grains for germination (food for parrots and grass seeds for cats sold in any pet store);

  • glue "Moment";

  • polyethylene film.

From sponges to collect house roof fastened to the strength of the structure elements of glue "Moment".Wet the roof of the house with water and place it the seeds for germination.Cover the house with plastic wrap and place in a warm bright place on the 2nd day.After 48 hours, remove the tape and soak the seeds again.After a few days on the roof of the house fairy sprout green grass.

Fluffy Bunny

spring crafts - Palm Sunday bunny This spring hack-application under the force of even the youngest, because it is very easy to perform


You will need:

  • fluffy pussy-willow buds;

  • sheet of heavy paper;

  • pencil;

  • glue "PVA";

  • red and black gouache.

On a sheet of heavy paper Draw the outline of bunnies.

Carefully lubricating image glue "PVA", put applications of willow buds.Draw paint the mouth, eyes and nose.


Travyanchiki in the eggshell will be relevant not only for Easter.This spring hack is a composition of miniature klumbochek with fresh spring greens.

You will need:

  • halves of the eggshell;

  • paint or food coloring;

  • ground;

  • cereal seeds;

  • cardboard cage eggs.

In a separate container sift cereal seeds.A layer of soil must be shallow, so the seedlings can be easily removed.Paint the egg shells with paint or food coloring to your liking.Carefully transfer the seedlings with soil in half the eggs and place the egg beautiful pots on a cardboard cage.Garnish with spring compositions further decorative elements to your liking.

spring crafts - greens in shell

Spring bouquet

Nothing is more pleasing to the eye, as the first spring leaves.And kids will be doubly interesting to watch the awakening of nature at home.To do this, ask the children to a simple spring crafts.

You will need:

  • young branches of the tree or shrub with the kidneys;

  • vase with water;

  • colored paper;

  • glue.

freshly picked sprigs put in a vase with water at room temperature.From colored paper-cut flowers and stick them on the branches.Wait, soon will appear next to the flowers fresh foliage.

spring crafts - branch with flowers

Flower pots "from the forestĀ»

spring crafts - flower pots Original flower pots can be created out of the ordinary cans and natural materials.

Before you start manufacturing this spring crafts, take a walk through the woods with the children and collect everything you need.

You will need:

  • several small cans (tin);

  • thread;

  • moss;

  • birch bark;

  • glue;

  • awl.

in cans with an awl to make a few small holes at the bottom.Each tin promazhte glue and wrap the moss and birch bark.Fix the natural material to the bank, tying it around thread.The most advantageous in forest pots will look spring primroses or fresh grass sprouts.

pot can be completely pasted branches.

spring crafts - flower pots of twigs

Yeshe easier to make vases, if the paint cans in fresh spring colors.

spring crafts - vases

Such spring crafts in the garden will look particularly good and alive.Make pots for bright stand and put it in those flowers that bloom at the moment.Allow the child to take care of their vegetable garden, and it will have a perennial cause for joy.

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