Consequences of cesarean delivery for mother and baby

Caesarean section involves surgery, and any surgery has its consequences Caesarean-section - not IP exception.But this does not mean that we should prepare for the worst.Positive attitude - a good assistant in many situations, the psychological state of the operation is also important.The more you set for a positive outcome, the more you tend to it, thus you will be able to recover quickly and to avoid unpleasant consequences caesarean section.

implications mother

seam after the operation is unlikely to look aesthetically pleasing, but this problem is solved: in specialized clinics will help smooth out the scar and polish it, fix ugly.A more serious problem - diastasis (discrepancy recti).For such cases developed special facilities to improve the situation.To compile the complex is better to see a specialist, because the diastasis some exercise is not recommended (eg, bending the torso from a prone position).But seam on the belly not face complications such as suture on t

he uterus.The seam on the uterus puts a limit on the next pregnancy: not to hurt yourself, you will need to wait a certain period, during which the undesirable pregnant.For several weeks, also extends the ban on sex.The first time a woman needs to be careful to allow the body to recover and avoid infections that can enter the uterus during sexual intercourse.

Perhaps you remember donut "Dunno," saying: "Diet is impossible to break."After the operation, this phrase should be your motto.In addition to the restrictions on eating a woman expects a series of restrictions associated with physical activity, mode of life, making love.If we talk about physical activity, it may be only a small activity.Intense exercise, especially with weights (barbells, weights) are contraindicated.

consequences of caesarean section to a baby

Experts give evidence that cesarean section affects the psyche of the child.Fear of change, vulnerability, resentment, temper and anxiety - such traits can manifest themselves in the nature of the baby, which was born by Caesarean section.Cesarean section affects the health of your baby.Doctors around the world are conducting research and compiling health status of children born surgically.We can not say that their findings are encouraging: for example, babies Caesar popping allergic reaction to food, less than the life expectancy of white blood cells, neutrophils.The threat to the child's health may be drugs used for anesthesia, if they get into the bloodstream of the baby.The child's airway, if they do not have time to get rid of before the end of fetal fluid, can penetrate the infection.Also, children born in an unnatural way, predict a low level of adaptation in society.But do not panic: most consequences of caesarean section overcome.

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