Cubes Zaitseva: teach your child to read

Methods Zaitsev began as a way of teaching foreigners Russian language difficult.Together with the cheerful songs and games cubes Zaitseva have been successfully tested on children.The unique technique allowed to teach children to read and write to two years, with noticeable results were in children with developmental delays.What is the secret of cubes Zaitsev?


Everyone knows the problem: the child knows the letters but can not read whole words.Nikolai Zaitsev suggested that this guilty learning letters individually.Therefore on cubes Zaitseva written not only individual letters, but whole syllables. child remembers the sound and the image of a syllable at a time, so you can quickly begin to read fluently.

Methods Zaitseva uses imagery of children's thinking.Cubes are different in color, size, weight and sound due to different content.Voiced letters and syllables and gold ring, solid-colored iron and a more solid tinkling, soft - colored wood with a gentle tapping inside.By studying the

letters and sounds of cubes Zaitsev, the child not only sees, hears and feels the difference.

Cubes Zaitsev

How and when to engage with cubes Zaitseva?

begin to engage with the cubes can be even from birth, but in any case not under duress.The technique involves Zaitseva training in the form of a fun mobile games. Even 5 minutes a day is enough to ensure that the child began to remember the sounds and images.The benefits include not only Zaitseva cubes, but also special tables, exercise book and a CD with songs.

active role in the training given to the parent or teacher, which should show the child sung syllables, and how they are compiled into words.It is important to show all kind baby as a fun read.In most cases, the children really like it.Some even learn unusual for today's children a love of reading.

The game cubes Zaitseva can use any hobbies your child to motivate him.Resourceful parents combine learning with learning the letters of the account, and some even make similar cubes to learn English.

Cubes Zaitsev - teach a child to read

How to make cubes Zaitsev with their hands?

Ready cubes are sold in the form of sheets to be cut, glue and fill yourself.If the baby will take part in the bonding cubes Zaitseva, it will not want to take them apart to see what's inside.

Since paper cubes quickly come into disrepair, they need to be strengthened.Some parents do with their hands Zaitseva cubes of thick cardboard and paste them on letters and syllables. cubes need to paste over the top of tape or grease, to protect from moisture.If you get to the core technique, it is possible to dispense with a factory piece.

To facilitate the study of syllables, letters and numbers, develop abstract thinking.Many ways;one of the children and very variativnyh - developing puzzle, Tangram for preschoolers.

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