Spring crafts for kindergarten: a cheerful flower garden

spring crafts for kindergarten

spring crafts for kindergarten play an important role in the upbringing of children.By making crafts from different materials with their hands, the child acquires perseverance, patience and accuracy.It develops imagination of the child, which is very important for the formation of personality.

Spring flowers

most popular spring crafts for kindergarten - it flowers: poppies, hyacinths, daisies, lilac, mimosa.

Satin poppies

Very beautiful spring crafts - poppies made of satin ribbons. They need:

  • several meters wide red satin ribbon;

  • piece of green tape;

  • padding polyester or cotton;

  • black thread floss;

  • glue "PVA";

  • tube of helium ball;

  • red thread;

  • needle.

1. Cut the tape into strips of 8-10 cm in length, the edges of the opal.Chchtoby of each strip turned petal edge strips to collect thread and pull.For a single flower will need 4 petals.

2. Connect the petals.

Spring crafts for kindergarten

Spring crafts for kindergarten

3. When the petals are ready, take a midway.To do this, put a pi

ece of cotton harvested in the green tape and wrap the thread floss.It is advisable to wind the thread a little more, to middle, turned out beautiful.Then the thread will need to make an incision, to get stamen and fasten the middle, a few dense stitches.

Spring crafts for kindergarten

Spring crafts for kindergarten

4. From the red fabric, cut a circle and glue it to the bottom side of the midway flower.

Spring crafts for kindergarten

5. Now fabricate flower stalk.To do this, stick a straw from a helium balloon to the red cloth.The flower is ready.Several of these Macs, you can put in a vase and get a beautifully designed flower arrangements.

And you can sew beautiful poppy gum to hair and wearing all the envy - or give the most beautiful girl in kindergarten.

Application with lilac

no less original spring crafts for kindergarten can be application "Lilacs in a Vase ', made of cereals on the cardboard.To perform such crafts will be required:

  • thick cardboard A4;

  • cereal (preferably rice and buckwheat);

  • colored paper;

  • glue;

  • scissors;

  • paint (gouache).

1. From lilac paper cut.Glue them to the cardboard (the upper part).

2. From paper-cut green leaves and glue them just below the flowers.

3. Cut a brown paper vase and also stick to the cardboard.

4. By the leaves and flowers of lilac stick rice and buckwheat to the bowl.Shake off the excess from the surface of application.Now you can begin to paint a figure on the flowers and leaves in gouache.Flowers - purple, violet or purple and the leaves - any shade of green.Once the paint is dry, application is ready, and it will be possible to decorate a wall in the apartment or in a group of kindergarten.

Spring crafts for kindergarten

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