Ectopic pregnancy: the first signs

When ectopic pregnancy the fertilized egg can attach and grow in the fallopian tube, ovary, cervix or abdomen.The favorable outcome of a pregnancy can not, and the consequences can be very serious.In the best case will occur spontaneous abortion, accompanied by heavy spotting.But quite often the egg continues to grow in non-smoking environment, which leads to damage of tissue, tears, internal bleeding, and in severe cases - peritonitis.It is therefore important time to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy, contact your doctor in case of symptoms typical of her symptoms.


Abdominal pain in early pregnancy - possible symptoms of ectopic pregnancy .Localization of pain may depend on the place of attachment of the egg.On the development of pregnancy in the fallopian tube, tend to show pain on one side of the abdomen.Location eggs in the neck or abdomen can be suspect at pains in the middle of the abdomen.If an ectopic pregnancy pain worse when moving, turning and changing the position of th

e body, may be accompanied by dizziness, vaginal bleeding, loss of consciousness.

time the first symptoms depend on where localized ectopic pregnancy. first signs of pain may occur at 5-6 weeks if the egg is in a narrow part of the tube.The pathological process in general, ampoule of the fallopian tube can make itself felt only to the eighth week of pregnancy.Ovarian and abdominal pregnancy may be asymptomatic until the fourth week.The most insidious cervical pregnancy, often asymptomatic until then, until the situation becomes critical.


Another disturbing symptom is vaginal bleeding of varying intensity in the early stages .They testify to the damaged tissue developing egg.The most intense and dangerous bleeding in the neck varieties of ectopic pregnancy.Heavy bleeding can also indicate ectopic pregnancy ending miscarriage .

A low hCG

Compared to normally developing pregnancy, ectopic has a lower rate of hCG.Similarly, to determine the amount of hormone is possible only by laboratory analysis and medical consultation.However, there are other signs of a cause is wary pale stripe on the second rapid test for pregnancy - in fact it responds to hCG in the urine.

importance of timely diagnostic ultrasound

most accurate method of diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy - is ultrasound.Check the location of the ovum already recommended at 3-4 weeks of gestation.Particularly relevant for the early diagnosis of women with a family history of ectopic pregnancy, an abortion, suffering from inflammation of the appendages, having scars, adhesions, and bends in the fallopian tubes.Those at risk include pregnant women older than 35 years.

Timely Ultrasound diagnosis can help prevent possible complications and eliminate the unnecessary worries.

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