Suture after cesarean

What seam?

With the help of a doctor at the end of the joint operational process connects the fabric.When cesarean section may suturing using different suture materials.Suture materials are synthetic and natural.Also sutures differ in other parameters they are absorbable and nonabsorbable .Recent more durable, but they gradually fell out of use, giving way to the filaments that facilitate the rehabilitation period.The planned operations (if cesarean section was supposed to advance ) horizontal incision is made anterior abdominal wall above the pubis, in cases of emergency (when talking about the threat to the life of mother and child), the incision can be vertical length from the navel to the pubic area.

You may want to check with your doctor what you superimposed seams, what materials are used for this purpose.Remember that seam after cesarean not really one, because while the surgeon gets to the fetus, it is necessary to cut several layers of the abdominal wall and uterus.The seam

is not only on the abdomen, but also on the uterus, which may adversely affect the second birth .

Care seam after cesarean

In the first days after surgery seam after cesarean can hurt badly, then prescribe painkillers.Generally analgesics administered intramuscularly at first.Experts do not recommend the mothers to endure the pain, because under its influence occurs adrenaline into the blood, which in turn affects the composition of breast milk.Another way to support seamless - antibiotics.They are assigned in order to prevent inflammation.Theoretically, you can talk to your doctor about the pros and cons of different drugs in this group and acquire for yourself the one that suits you and you are satisfied with the quality.

While you're in the delivery room, you should do the processing and dressing seam.This procedure gives little pleasure, but in order to avoid infection and suppuration it is endure , clenching his teeth and brought together into a fist.Happy one - usually such a procedure no longer pass through the 7 days.However, in some cases, the doctor may prescribe an extension of the processing, disinfection and dressing seam.If seam after cesarean not yet healed, and burned with fire, it is possible to produce a special belt (eg, towels), which supports the skin and protecting the seam.

Correction seam

especially important for women aesthetic. ugly seam after cesarean upset any of the fair sex, and it may be in the hearts curse doctor for carelessness.But it is important not very orderly and proper conduct of the operation, in some cases, doctors are not to aesthetics, they try to reduce the risk to health.

Nowadays scar on his stomach after cesarean - it's not the worst problem.Yes, it is unpleasant and ugly.But it is fixable.The scar can be corrected under local anesthesia, or make changes to its mini-abdominoplasty using general anesthesia.If the fabric were folded correctly, the correction of the surgeon can more accurately compare the layers and remove the affected tissue, spoiling the smoothness and accuracy seam after cesarean section.

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