Summer takes the girls for a hook (for beginners)

What is needed:

  • cotton yarn - 100-150 g;

  • hook № 1,6.

How to Knit columns

without nakida Style: introducing the hook in the 2nd loop, grab the thread and carry through these two loops.

Summer takes the girls hook for beginners - no bar nakida

Column nakida with twice the usual column.Make nakida hooked.Enter a hook into the 4th loop of the chain, grab a thread and stretch the loop.Eagle Eye are 3 loops.Again, grab a thread provyazyvaem 3 loops together, then grab the thread again provyazyvaem together.

Summer takes the girls hook for beginners - a column with nakida

Where to start

Since we knit a simple children's summer takes all loops are executed in a column 1 nakida.Recruit 6 air loop and closed in a ring.

Summer takes the girls hook for beginners - air loop

Summer takes the girls hook for beginners - connecting loop - polustolbik

1st row (knit circle): provyazyvaem about 12 columns with nakida.

In the 2nd row of each column of the 1st series provyazyvaem 2 column with nakida.

In the 3rd row make 3 air loops and then 2 column with nakida 1 loop, then the column with nakida, and the next loop again do 2 columns with nakida.And so alternate around.

In the 4th row, we again do 3 aerial loops and again 2 co

lumns with nakida 1 loop.Then knit a column with nakida in the 1 st and the next column with nakida in the third loop.In the 4th again to start again - 2 column with nakida 1 loop.And so alternate until the end of our series.

5th row - 3 air loops.In the 1st and 2nd loop make 1 post with nakida.The third loop - 2 column with nakida.Then, 3 loops of 1 post with nakida.And so on until the end of the row.

6th row - the next 3 air loop, the loop in the next 3 to 1 post with nakida.In the 4th - 2 column with nakida of 1 loop.Then, 4 loops provyazyvaem 1 post with nakida.In the 5th column with nakida -2.And so to the end of the series.

And so on, until the size of a hat does not suit you.By the way, on the same principle can be connected and takes himself.


following 2 rows knit without of increases simply.

3rd row - takes diminish.

decreases by the number on which the future was going to expand our simple children's summer beret.

to diminish until the diameter is equal to the circumference of the head.Bates, we on the same line where were our gain.

It is as follows: 3 air lift loop knit a column with nakida.And where should decrease, provyazyvaem columns together.

provyazyvaem ranks last column without nakida.Close knitting hide thread.

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to take turned out not so boring, it can be decorated with knitted flower.Or pick up a colorful melange yarn, which in itself will be knitting pattern.For such a gift no one can remain indifferent!

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