How to wean a child sleeping with parents: 9 Tips

1. It is better to give up the child co-sleeping with their parents.If this can not be avoided, then leave a child in the parent bed just before midnight , then blow into a cot.The kid should grow up with the understanding that there is a territory adults and eat it too - children.

2. Why is the period between 2 to 3 years, the most successful, in order to wean the baby sleep with parents?At this time, the baby begins to actively show independence.You can conveniently take advantage of this and move it to the baby crib.The child will be pleased that he is considered an adult.

3. To wean a child sleeping with his mother to him with minimal emotional losses, put him together with favorite toys, to the baby remained the feeling of being close to someone hometown.

4. Do not act too categorical, leaving the baby alone, closing the door of the nursery.To wean the baby to sleep with their parents, necessary before bed sit with him, tell a story, sing a lullaby.The kid has to feel the protection of moth

ers and fathers, even if they sleep separately.

5. If you attempt to wean a child sleeping with his mother end in tantrums and sleeplessness, follow the principle of gradualism.First slide the cot close to the parent and gradually increase the distance between them. final transfer of the crib to another room priurochte to any holiday or buying long-awaited toy.

How to wean your baby to sleep with her mother

6. If, however, in the morning the child resorts to parents to lie in bed with them, do not reject the baby.But do not let him do it on a daily basis.He must understand that parents want to be alone.Mom and Dad do not have to bear the conjugal relationship in the victim child whims.

7. When you finally decide to wean your baby to sleep with their parents, consider the fact that the baby will still be coming to you at night.In no case should not be irritated. quietly take him back and cover with a blanket. If there is power, sit next to a couple of minutes.Keep in mind that a child can simply ask the night to help him go to the toilet or to water.

8. If you set out to wean your baby to sleep in the parent's bed and make it more independent , do not depart from the intended plan, do not let yourself give up the slack, otherwise all your efforts will go down the drain.

9. In the event that wean a baby from an adult bed is not possible, pay more attention to their behavior on your relationship with your spouse. Perhaps one of you resists that the child was sleeping alone.The reason for this may be the desire of one partner to avoid intimacy.Then it is too late, it is better to see a psychologist.

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