Early signs of pregnancy

Already in the first weeks after conception can be seen early signs of pregnancy .Immediately it should be noted that these figures do not give a hundred percent reason to believe that you are in an interesting position, but are a reason to listen to your body more closely.

Changing the appearance of the breast

Many signs of pregnancy before menstruation related to changes in the appearance of the breast.Mammary glands can significantly increase - more than usual before menstruation.The alveoli are the nipples become darker around the nipple may appear small pimples.In rare cases in early pregnancy can be released colostrum from the breast.Breast becomes very sensitive, there may be pain on palpation.

Changing health

at the earliest stages of pregnancy may experience dizziness.The signs of early toxicity include nausea (especially in the morning), vomiting, aversion to food, hypersensitivity to odors.Often, pregnant women, a change in tastes.

addition to toxicity

, pregnant women already in the early stages may experience fatigue, headaches, fever or chills.

change in emotional state

pregnant women experience all the "charms" of premenstrual syndrome, but they appear much brighter.Because of hormonal changes occur mood swings, tearfulness, bouts of uncontrolled anger.

change in basal body temperature

basal temperature is measured in the rectum or mouth.At ovulation, it rises and, if fertilization has occurred, is greater than 37 degrees.

pain and bleeding

8-10 days after fertilization there may be some bleeding.Selections are not as bright as during menstruation, but many women mistakenly believe that such bleeding is due to start early menstruation.In addition, in this period the woman may experience a nagging pain in the abdomen.All these symptoms are caused by a natural process of attachment of a fertilized egg to the uterus. But here we must be very careful - severe pain or a sharp deterioration can be sign of ectopic pregnancy.

If the uterus increases in size rapidly, you can feel the pain in the lumbar and sacral areas.At the end of the fourth week of pregnancy, the fetus may be the increased pressure on the uterus and bladder, causing frequent urination.

Edema and vascular mesh

considerable strain carries the blood system of a pregnant woman, which is why in the early stages of pregnancy can occur such unpleasant phenomena as vascular grid on his feet.Vienna in the chest and shoulders can become more visible through the translucent skin.

Due to the delay of salt in the body of your hands and feet may swell slightly.

Many women like to know, when the early signs of pregnancy appear .Give a definite answer to this question experts can not, because every body is different.Someone who become pregnant, a week can be noted at almost full set of these symptoms, while others may appear much later and to a much lesser extent.

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