The second caesarean section

If the first baby was born by caesarean, that about the main danger in repeated childbirth is a scar on the uterus remaining after dissection its wall to extract the fetus.When was insufficient for the healing and recovery period, the scar can disperse.And his discrepancy may be caused not only a generic process, but also the pregnancy.The scar may not withstand the load - the existence of the fetus.

to avoid danger, doctors recommend to refrain from pregnancy at least for 2 years.During this period, is the formation of scar tissue, will take less time if the scar had not yet become a full-fledged, and the woman is in danger of uterine rupture.There are cases when the scar comes in the desired state in less than 2 years.Consistency scar is determined using ultrasound.Tripe is considered wealthy if there is an almost complete recovery of muscle tissue.If most of scar is the connective tissue, it is considered invalid.Check the condition of the scar at the planning stage of pregnancy and constantly control it after birth.When wealthy rumen second cesarean section must pass normally.

theoretically possible and natural birth of her second child, but often for the first Caesarean should second cesarean section .The possibility of natural birth after cesarean depends on many parameters, including the reasons and evidence, which was appointed the first operation.If the cause has not been eliminated (eye problems) or it can not be eliminated (narrow pelvis), the second delivery are guaranteed to be carried out by a Caesarean section .

second cesarean section possible, but it is technically more difficult to perform than the first.Accordingly, the third cesarean even more difficult and represents a major threat to the health of the mother and the baby, if the terms of abstinence from pregnancy have not been met.The best option in the issue of the allowable number of caesarean sections - 2 operations, but possible 3. Undoubtedly, many women are aware of cases in which there were more than 3 operations, if delivery is not have happened naturally.But such a situation in any case should not serve as an example, because they involve a great risk for both mother and child."Throughout the measure Know┬╗ - even Horace wrote.By birth by Caesarean section is just as applicable.

Indications to second cesarean section :

  • reasons for cesarean section was performed for the first time (age-related changes, narrow pelvis, severe myopia, and others. Vision problems, etc..);
  • complications occurred during this pregnancy (breech fetus malposition, large fruit size, etc.);
  • survey data (indirect, ultrasound), which indicate the inferiority region of the uterus, which is a scar.

course recovery second cesarean goes harder.

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