How to tell husband about pregnancy

told her husband about the pregnancy should be the very first.If you are waiting for his arrival from work, ring up your friends, and tell the news, we can not exclude the possibility that one of them congratulated him on the happy occasion before you.This will put a loved one in an awkward position, and surprise that you want to be spoiled.So quietly wait for her husband and remember about their right to know about it first.

Do not try to predict the reaction of a man, do not think that, like the heroes of novels and films, he starts to cry from happiness, kiss your belly and put his ear to it.Once you decide to tell her husband about the pregnancy, most likely, he will keep silent for a while, and then express doubt the question: "Are you sure?No kidding. "Start the conversation will be about this.

Do not think that your man is not happy about the pregnancy, though the situation may be different.Just analytical mind the man ahead of his emotion, he begins to realize what responsibility falls on

him.How to earn enough money, how to provide the child with everything you need, how to survive the whims of his wife for nine months.He already realizes that life will change radically in the next few years.You can forget about football, outdoor activities with friends, and that many men's weaknesses and habits will have to give up, at least temporarily.He needed only a few minutes to deal with all of your thoughts and emotions begin to show.If the basis of your relationship with a man is love, his joy at the news is not less than yours, he also really wants to have a baby and loved him.You are sure to see for yourself, because there is still many months of waiting firstborn.

Still, how to tell her husband about pregnancy ?It is possible after he enters the door, throwing her arms around him and said, "Honey, we have a baby!" Perhaps this is a standard solution, but you show your joy and see his reaction.

If you want to prepare for the coming of her husband changes in your life, each day talks about his state of health, of slight nausea in the morning, about unexplained abdominal pain, a great desire to eat something.And that such a state is very similar to the pregnancy.And only a week can admit that it is not wrong and you really are pregnant.

can arrange a romantic dinner for two and tell husband about pregnancy under the light music and candlelight.You can create a more intimate atmosphere.Immediately after discussing the news to make love, confirming that your baby - the fruit of love.

told her husband about pregnancy standard way, or come up with something original - decide yourself.But to make it a holiday for two a must.Every family has its little pleasant rituals to create an atmosphere at the moment, so you can remember it all their life together.

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