Uzi during pregnancy

Why and what is the US?

Today ultrasound procedure is quite common.Ultrasound examination - is a kind of test before delivery, the results of which allow us to judge the doctor about how well the pregnancy proceeds as far as the development of the fetus corresponds to the period, helping presumably determine weight and height at birth, to see how is the placenta, the umbilical cord and the baby to each other(whether the umbilical cord is not wrapped around the neck, for example).In addition, at 20 weeks may be more likely to learn the sex of the child and, of course, if the baby will let you do it: sometimes they turn back and sit so until the onset of labor, but make a surprise his new parents.

ultrasound is performed by a special sensor, which lead in the abdomen so as to see the uterus.In early pregnancy ultrasound may be done transvaginal (sensor oblong wear a condom and inserted into the vagina), as a very small child, or if there are difficulties with the visualization of the fetus (for exampl

e, if there is bloating).

What can you see?

Since the advent of medical ultrasound machine and its technology is very much improved.If the baby will allow, you can see all the fingers, legs, handles, spine and even the outline of face.In addition, you can see all the anatomical features of the child.

Before you go to the doctor's office, decide for yourself whether you want to know the sex of the unborn child, or want it to be a surprise.Tell your doctor so that he accidentally let slip, or you did not show distinctive sexual features of the baby.

More than half of what will be shown on the monitor, you can not understand.On most devices the image black and white.The converter (ie the sensor itself, which lead to the stomach) is constantly moving, besides, the baby inside is also moving, floating in the amniotic fluid.At times, according to the image on the monitor, you might think that you are not expecting a child, and the stranger.Believe me, you're not the first and not the last one who thinks so.

a hint: the child's spine looks like a string of pearls - a lot of small tiny stones in a line.It is not necessary to interpret the image itself.For example, in the issue of gender is also easy to make a mistake - taking the umbilical cord of a distinctive feature of the boys.

If you look at the baby's face in the front, it will be like bringing a little mask.But if you look at the kid in profile, it will be clearly visible forehead, nose, lips.Especially fascinating, if at that time the child sucks his thumb.

amniotic fluid image is the darkest, and bone - light.

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As preparation for the US?

ultrasound Most experts asked not to empty your bladder before the procedure.The fact that in this case the bubble acts like a balloon, slightly pushing the uterus of the pelvis.This helps to better visualize the baby's umbilical cord, amniotic sac, placenta and directly matku.No when you are in such a great position, even a small filling of the bladder can be painful.However, if the bladder is not enough fluid, your doctor will ask you to wait until it will be enough for the US.Of course, to sit in the hallway in front of the cabinet specialist and endure very difficult and mentally, and physically.That is why many centers of ultrasound diagnosis is carried out pre-record, so you are not sitting in the ocheredi.Pered how to go for an ultrasound in any paid center, or to the municipal clinic, specify whether to conduct pre-deployment training for the procedure or not, as in somecenters in the second trimester is not necessarily to do - the amount of amniotic fluid, amniotic fluid is sufficient for visualization of the fetus.

gel What is this?

During diagnostics stomach sensor lead, but for better conductivity use a special gel.You can warp a little at a time when it will inflict on the body, most often it is cold.In addition, after the ultrasound gel is smeared across her stomach, so grab a Towelie to wipe it, although most rooms offer paper napkins.

why the doctor is silent?

skilled ultrasound diagnostics, first take time to make all measurements.Do not be surprised, and, most importantly, do not worry, the doctor in the first minutes will be silent and not to tell you anything.After all the studies and measurements it is sure you will all tell and show.You will be with bated breath to look at your baby, to which you only have to poznakomitsya.Poetomu not worry.The silence of a doctor does not mean that something is wrong or bad.In any case, he will tell you.

Should I ask questions?

If, however, you got taciturn doctor or go to a stream of his several dozen pregnant women like you, you should not put up with it.Spoke first.Inquire now about everything that interests you, so you do not get out of the cabinet full of frustration, because it did not understand, "that it was" .Even if the doctor you print black-and-white photo of some part of the body of your baby, it isyou do not calm down.Yes, maybe he will not be able to turn the monitor toward you and show all the fingers and the tip of your offspring, but in your hands, if you want to hear something other than the words, "All is well.The fetus develops according to deadline.Next! ".If you miss the opportunity, blame will have only yourself then! If you do not see the screen and you have questions about the health of the baby, do not hesitate - ask.Another such possibility becomes.Cabinet ultrasound is visited daily by more than a dozen moms and their bellies flash before your doctor every ten minutes.When you rasperezhivalas, met him in the corridor and dare to ask questions that are not asked in the office, he did not answer you on any of them.Because I do not remember!If you know that you are very shy, ask someone from relatives or friends to accompany you, and at the right moment even if they ask your questions.

that you should not wear?

Going to the US, do not blindly follow fashion trends.How would you not like your dress, realize that much easier to put on trousers and jacket, because in order to expose the stomach, you will not have to undress completely.Suffice it to only lower a little pants and lift her blouse.

Why did the last time everything was different?

Even if you have done in the first trimester ultrasound, do not think that today everything goes just as well.In the first place, much depends on the duration of pregnancy.Secondly, if you go to another doctor, then it will make US has in its own way.Of course, technology alone, but the experience and qualifications of different doctors.Common issues such as the measurements of the fetus will be similar, but do not expect that relevant to you will be the same.Unfortunately, the human factor plays a role in medicine.

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