The birth after cesarean

opinion of doctors

There are two points of view Obstetricians - Gynecologists relatively birth after cesarean section . One group of doctors thinks that birth after cesarean let s and worth trying to give birth to yourself.Another group of doctors believes that a natural birth after cesarean section should be approached with great caution.However, doctors are guided by the degree of elaboration and study of this problem, as well as the presence of criteria by which to assess the possibility of a natural birth.As acknowledged by the doctors, reliable objective evaluation parameters uterine scar at the moment.The doctor may not always know what materials used by his colleague, who conducted the operation, and this is important when assessing the risk of uterine rupture.

When deciding on whether to give birth this woman when her previous child Caesar, doctors look at the cause of cesarean section and how pregnancy occurs.For example, if a woman has a narrow pelvis, so it Caesar, i

t is unlikely that it will be able to give birth to their own child, here it is better not to take risks and accept a caesarean section.If used during pregnancy there are complications (bleeding, pain, etc.), The preference in most cases given second cesarean section , rather than natural childbirth.There are some nuances concerning the process of delivery, if not used drugs stimulate the birth and medical material, the greater the chances of success.

not think that doctors are so fond of cut, or they feel like to suffer with maternity minutes.H e approving birth after cesarean section , they try their best to protect the mother and child.In recent years, the scientific community doctors conduct various studies birth after cesarean .In some cities there are clinics that specialize in natural birth after cesarean section. There are cases when a woman and after 3 cesareans alone gave birth 4th child.However, it is very risky and can lead to serious health problems.In any case, listen to the opinion of the expert, because he is better versed in this matter, and has experience in this area.

Preparation for childbirth

First, you must overcome the psychological barrier.Women can tear fears that she will not give birth to yourself.This problem is thoroughly engaged and set yourself up for a successful delivery.Women should remember that next to it will be a doctor and a midwife to help the child come into the world, if something does go according to plan.

Expecting a baby, the woman should take care of yourself and take care of your health.Do not neglect the campaigns to the hospital or additional examinations.In a situation where planned vaginal birth after caesarean section, you should close attention to the processes taking place in the female body and the body of the fetus.Of great importance is the power of women: it needs to be healthy, contain all the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

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